94 Year Old Ugandan Father of 100 Recently Marries Four New Wives

94 Year Old Ugandan Father of 100 Recently Marries Four New Wives

A 94-year-old Ugandan man with 100 children recently married four new wives. Interestingly, despite the large number, it seems that have mastered the art of making it work.

In most parts of Africa, especially among the Muslim population, polygamy turns no heads. It’s just business as usual. Like seeing the sunrise every morning. A 94-Year-Old Ugandan father of 100 marries four new wives to the surprise of many.

But one must admit that it is a bit on the unusual side for a 94-year-old man to add not one, not two or three wives, but four in one fell swoop. As an Ugandan Father of 100 kids, at that age, even adding only one wife would have still bordered on the unusual. When you’re at such an age, there’s a degree of permanence that is expected in your life. Things you must have been over and done with. New leaves you must have turned due to age. But certainly not Nulu Ssemakula. He makes for an intriguing centre of interest. And this marital milestone has made him a stand out figure in Ruyonza, a mostly polygamous village.

Nulu Ssemakula married a total of 19 wives throughout his life, with whom he has had more than a hundred children. The youngest of them is a 19-year-old child, while the youngest wife is only 24 and pregnant currently. 66 of his young children currently live with him. 

“I, unfortunately, lost four of my wives while others who needed more than I could afford, I let them go. But they left me with children. I will still marry more if I still have more years and even have more children. In children and wives, is where I find my pleasure. That is my true wealth,” Ssemakula says.

Ugandan Father of 100: Family structure

94 Year Old Ugandan Father of 100 Marries Four New Wives


A house with that much children and wives will certainly set off the curiosity of the most passive of observers. One will have no choice but to wonder whether peace and harmony is possible in such a complex family structure. The oldest of the young wives, Shadiah Tumuheirwe, acts as the head behind Nulu Ssemakula. One of the wives, Arinaitwe, says there is peace and harmony in the house. She tells of his agility in bed. 

“We might be co-wives but we love and treat each other like sisters. This harmony in our marriage comes from our husband, whom we also treat as a father. None of us, I think cheats on him, he is more than 90 years but when he gets to you, he has the energy of a 30-year-old. He has no illness and he never complains of anything. He gives us everything we need,”she says.

The family lives in a huge house with red iron sheets and a single entry point. There you will find the old man watching proceedings. 

“When you have many children and many wives, it is like managing the country. You have to pray for the wisdom to know when you must be serious and when you need to lighten the mood,” he explains.


94 Year Old Ugandan Father of 100 Marries Four New Wives


Not unexpected, for it is hard to keep such a huge family without a steady means of livelihood. Apart from farming, Ssemakula owns a hotel in Rubaare Trading Centre, and he spends most of his time there. Christine Ninsiima, one of his wives, lives with him in Rubaare town. She is the manager of the hotel. According to Ssemakula, the greatest loss and challenge he has suffered in business was the loss of his herd to war rebels in 1971.

“They came here and took away my 100 heads of cattle. I was suspected to be a strong supporter of the Amin regime. This incident showed the need to have as many children as possible to defend me. My wisdom was rewarded when one of my sons became a lawyer, took my case on and eventually got me Ush100 million (Ksh2.8 million) compensation,” he says, satisfied.


The family feeds well. And Ssemakula has been able to send some of his children to school. He has children who are lawyers, engineers, doctors, nurses, and teachers. 

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Lydia Ume