Issues that cause uncontrollable anger during pregnancy

Issues that cause uncontrollable anger during pregnancy

You’re pregnant and stressed out already, but it seems that everywhere you turn, something or someone is out to get you really angry. You just want to get through your nine-month journey in peace, but people won’t just let you be great. Now you’re intensely triggered and wondering if your uncontrollable anger during pregnancyis due to hormones or people who are out to get you.

These are the frustrating things that can get you really mad when you are pregnant in Nigeria

Issues causing uncontrollable anger during pregnancy:

uncontrollable anger during pregnancy

Some people around you can cause uncontrollable anger during pregnancy

People won’t stop watching your uterus

Okay, back when you were newly married and waiting for a baby, everyone wondered out loud what you were waiting for. Didn’t you know you were supposed to ‘take in’ immediately after exchanging your vows? It doesn’t matter if you had fertility issues or if you had decided to wait a bit. The world wanted your baby and they wanted it right away.

Now that you are pregnant, womb watchers aren’t slowing down any time soon. They want to know how many children you’re planning to have after this one.

Everyone is now your unofficial adviser on pregnancy matters

It doesn’t matter whether this is your first pregnancy or tenth, there are always people getting in your face to tell you what you are doing wrong. These unsolicited recommendations can cause uncontrollable anger during pregnancy.

When you’re pregnant and dealing with hormones, the last thing you want to hear is someone telling you that eating okro will make your baby drool or exercising during pregnancy will make your child muscular and stiff.

It doesn’t matter that their advice may or may not be old wives’ tales; they just want you to do things their way.

Uncontrollable anger during pregnancy: it’s time to hide away

Because how dare you be pregnant and still be walking around in the full glare of watchful eyes? Don’t you know that there are evil people prowling around to consume your unborn baby?

These kinds of questions can be annoying when you are pregnant and trying to go about your business. Unfortunately, you’ll have to endure the remarks of people who believe you should only be seen long after you’ve had your baby.

There are evil eyes on social media, too

You’re not going to catch a break from evil eyes until you give birth. Lots of women stop posting their pictures on social media immediately the pregnancy test comes out positive. It’s all good if that’s your choice, really.

Get ready for uncontrollable anger during pregnancyif you dare to post flattering pictures of yourself on Facebook or Instagram. Friends and family from all over the world will call you up and lecture you on the consequences of being careless.

Religious bodies want you to pray against certain birthing methods

Want to know one ridiculous thing that will make you fly into uncontrollable anger during pregnancy? When religious bodies you affiliate with start telling you to pray against certain birthing methods. It doesn’t matter if your life or the baby’s life is at risk—it must be a vaginal birth or nothing.

Caesarean Section is for unbelievers, they’ll say. You will also hear that real women don’t need epidural. You are supposed to grind your teeth and push out the baby (or die trying).

uncontrollable anger during pregnancy

Try to keep calm when you’re feeling stressed.

The husband doesn’t want sex again because reasons

There are few things as frustrating as discovering that your husband isn’t really into you ‘like that again’ now that you’re pregnant. There’ll be excuses from his end, of course, but these will only increase your uncontrollable anger during pregnancy. You will hear that he is afraid to hurt the baby.

Or, if he’s really, insensitive, you may hear that pregnant women don’t turn him on. Ouch!

Now that he isn’t getting it from home, your mind may begin to wonder if he is getting it elsewhere.

Are you the first pregnant woman on Earth?

People who will ask you this question are usually those who brag about driving to the hospital while in labour and then going home from the hospital 2 minutes after pushing out their baby. In light of this, you are not allowed to complain about mere sore muscles and cramps because are you the first pregnant woman on Earth?

You are not allowed to ever say the words I’m tired. Your vocabulary should not contain words that show any signs of vulnerability.

Short maternity leave causes uncontrollable anger during pregnancy

As the pregnant superhuman that you are, the office won’t even give you enough time to get ready for your new baby. More generous establishments may give you three weeks before and four weeks after the birth of your baby. Never mind that in some countries, maternity leave lasts up to twelve months.

You will definitely come in contact with people and situations that will trigger uncontrollable anger during pregnancy. Avoid them at all costs. But if you can’t seem to shake them off you, close your eyes and breathe. You’ll be fine!



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Julie Adeboye