Sex For Grades: UNILAG And Foursquare Gospel Church Suspends Dr Boniface Igbenehu

Sex For Grades: UNILAG And Foursquare Gospel Church Suspends Dr Boniface Igbenehu

UNILAG suspends lecturer filmed in Sex For Grade by the BBC Africa Eye. The hour-long documentary investigated sexual harassment in Universities.

UNILAG suspends lecturer filmed in Sex For Grade Documentary. Boniface Igbenehu, a Nigerian university lecturer and pastor, has also been suspended by  Foursquare Gospel Church. The suspension came as a result of a year-long investigation by BBC Africa Eye. As part of the undercover investigation, he was filmed soliciting and sexually harassing an underage student who was actually an undercover BBC reporter.

UNILAG Suspends Lecturers In Sex For Grade Documentary

UNILAG Suspends Lecturers In Sex For Grade Documentary

The issue of lecturers soliciting for sex in exchange for grades is an epidemic in Nigerian higher institutions. Like Kiki Mordi, the lead investigative journalist on the case, many students have had to drop out of school, spend extra years or graduated with tampered grades.

In the hour-long documentary, Boniface Igbenehu is seen grooming the undercover reporter over a period of time. On her last visit, he tried to force her to kiss him. In addition, he threatened to report to her mother if she refused to comply.

Besides Boniface Igbeneghu , two other lecturers at the University of Ghana, Professor Ransford Gyampo and Dr Paul Kwame Butakor were also featured. However, the Ghanaian lecturers have denied that they solicited sex from the students with the intention of giving them better grades.

How has the public reacted since then?

Boniface Igbeneghu who was also a Head pastor at Foursquare Gospel Church has been suspended. In a statement released by the church and signed by the National Secretary, Rev. Ikechukuwu Ugbaja, the dissociated themselves from his conduct and asked him to step down from ministerial assignments.

“The attention of the leadership of The Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria has been drawn to a video clip trending on social media platforms titled “Sex for grades: Undercover in West Africa Universities- BBC News. Wherein a lecturer in University of Lagos named Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu also described as a pastor in Foursquare Gospel Church was allegedly involved in sexual misconduct with some female students of the university.

The general public is hereby informed that as a holiness and Bible-believing Church, we do not condone such heinous and unscriptural act among our ministers. We totally dissociate ourselves from the purported conduct of Dr. Igbeneghu and promise to take appropriate measure as soon as the ongoing investigation is concluded."

According to a statement by The University of Lagos, "The University is embarrassed and dissociates itself totally from this act(s) and any inappropriate behaviour of staff with female students and vice versa." They went further to shut down the Cold Room, which was allegedly a hunting spot for lecturers.

What next?

People are usually empowered by stories like this, and it is no different this time. A lot of persons on social media have spoken out about their experiences with sexual harassment in higher institutions. Notable leaders and celebrities have spoken out and condemned sexual harassment in universities.

According to Kiki Mordi, "The biggest goal of this work was to be louder than the aggressor because sexual harassment is very loud. I wanted it to be silenced."

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Lydia Ume