The most unique names with Biblical meanings for girls

The most unique names with Biblical meanings for girls

You don’t have to be a Christian parent to give your daughters unique names with Biblical meanings. In fact, some of these beautiful names have become quite popular even among people who have never opened a Bible. Chances are you’re already familiar with these names. Wondering what some of these names are?

Unique names with biblical meanings

Your princess deserves a beautiful Biblical name

For Christian parents, finding the right unique baby names with Biblical meaning can be such a huge task, seeing as the Bible is so big and has lots of names. We can help point you to the most beautiful names in the Bible for your baby girl.

Take a pick from our unique names with biblical meanings for girls


Adaiah – God’s precious gift
Adah – Adornment
Adina – delicate flower
Adalia – our God is fair
Amal – worker
Adonia – God is king

Amariah – what the Lord has said
Amaria – God’s word
Ariel – the Lioness of God

Bethel – God’s house
Beaulah – Married


Channah – favour and grace
Cristina – Christ’s follower


Dara – An oak tree
Deborah – A bee
Dorcas – a gazelle


Eden – a beautiful place
Edna – delightful, pleasurable
Elizabeth – God is a vow
Esther – Star
Eva – life
Eve – life


Hanan – compassion and mercy
Hadassa – Myrtle
Hosanna – deliverance
Hannah – Grace
Huldah – Mole


Isa – Son of God
Isabel – My God is a vow
Ivah – Babylonian district


Jada – the colour jade
Jezreel – God sows
Jael – Mountain goat
Jochebel – God’s glory
Joana – gracious God
Julia – bearded youth

The most unique names with Biblical meanings for girls

Your child’s name is your gift to the, choose wisely!


Keturah – incense


Leah – Eary
Lael – gift from God
Lilah – Beautiful
Lydia – from the town of Lydia
Lilith – of the night


Magdalene – from Magdala
Mahalah – Sick
Maire – A short form of Mary
Marah – Another variant of Mary
Mara – bitter
Maria – Mary

Mehitabel – God gives happiness
Micah – There’s no one like God
Michal – A brook
Miriam – Mary
Moriyah – God has seen


Naomi – pleasant
Neriah – God’s light


Phebe – brightness
Persis – from Persia
Prisca – old


Rhoda – a rose
Ramya – Exalt the Lord
Rachel – Ewe


Samaria – watcher from the mountains
Sarah – A princess
Shiloh – peaceful
Selah – pertaining to music
Susanna – lily


Tamar – a palm tree
Tabitha – Gazelle
Tirzah – favour


Yaresha – belonging
Yarden – outpouring, flowing
Yael – Mountain goat


Zipporah – A bird
Zaira – from the Congo

These are some of the most beautiful Bible names for girls. Have fun picking out something for your princess!

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