Use These Safety Tips On Valentine's Day To Avoid Stories That Touch The Heart

Use These Safety Tips On Valentine's Day To Avoid Stories That Touch The Heart

Don’t be caught off guard on Valentine’s daydate! These safety tips will ensure you stay safe while having fun.

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Valentine’s Day: Safety tips for a greatdate [Pulse Ghana]

The excitement of going out on Valentine’s day with your partner,date or friends can be over the top, but you also need to take safety precautions.

Valentine’s day involves fun, party,dates, romance and more but all these activities can go the other way within a second. It’s very easy to get carried away all in the name of fun and enjoyment. A little error in your judgment can lead to a safety issue. This is why you need to be prepared.

We want you to wake up the next day feeling energized, not wishing what happened the previous day didn’t. For this article, we put together some simple safety tips you can use on Valentine’s day while you’re having fun.

Check out these safety tips for your Valentine’s Daydate

1. Avoid driving under the influence

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Getting carried away with fun on Valentine’s day shouldn’t include driving when you’re drunk or tipsy. If you and yourdate are tipsy, it’s advisable to order a taxi. There are different apps you can order from, make sure you have more than one on your phone. Don’t drink and drive to avoid accidents. You don’t want to wake up on a hospital bed the following day or lose your life to Valentine’s day celebration.

2. Order your food carefully

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Valentine’s daydate is not the time to experiment with different recipes and foods. It’s advisable to stick to what you know so you don’t embarrass yourself by visiting the restroom multiples times on yourdate due to stomach upset. That can make yourdate totally awkward and cut yourdate short. Just order the foods that you’re familiar with. You can also ask the waiter to explain the menu if you don’t understand what’s on the list.

3. Choose an affordabledate


If you aim to impress yourdate, then you need to be more than prepared. You don’t want to wait behind to wash plates or get stranded all because you ordered what you can’t afford. It’s better to choose adate that fits your budget or a location that works with your pocket.

Additional safety tips for yourdate on Valentine’s day

4. Use protection for sex

For those that are making Valentine’s day their firstdate, it’s not a bad choice to use some precaution. Don’t get too excited during your Valentine’s day and end up having sex with your partner without using protection. You might be calling on a November baby if you have sex without protection. Also, you don’t want to contract STDs and other transmitted diseases because you had unprotected sex. You can’t be too careful.

5. Share your location with your friends

If you’re meeting yourdate for the first time or it’s your firstdate, share your location with your friends. The streets out there are not so safe and you’re not paranoid by trying to be careful. Stay safe by sharing your location with your friend. They can be your ally in case anything bad happens.


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