6 Skincare Routines To Make Yur Healthi Skin Glow

6 Skincare Routines To Make Yur Healthi Skin Glow

To get skin wen dey healthi no be by magic, but if yu follow dis guideline, yu go dey di correct path.

Yur skin na im be di biggest organ wen dey di bodi, na im make efiri bodi fit see am. Na becos of dis na im make us wan show yu ways to get healthi skin wen dey radiant. Make we undastand sey some pipo dey quick tire once dem no quick get di result wen dem want.Weda yu get acne, blemishes, dull or dry skin, e no dey go for one day.  Generalli, e go take time, patience with consistenci before yu go fit get betta skincare. See how yu fit get dat healthi glowing skin wen yu fit dey proud of.

How Yu Fit Get Healthi Skin Wen Dey Glow

Mani pipo want skin wen dey healthi and dey glow, but e dey hard as efiri bodi skin dey different.  Dr Tina Funt talk sey, “Skin wen dey glow no dey dry, dull or flaky, e dey soft and moist. Skin wen dey glow dey characterized by pores wen dey small, complexion wen even and skin wen no get spot. See ways to get healthi skin wen dey glow:

  • Buy ingredient wen dey make skin bright

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If yu wan buy moisturizer and serum, make yu take yur time check di containa and packaging. Check weda dem write brightening and toning put. Yu fit even check weda e get Vitamins C, B3, Resorcinol and alpha-arbutin. Experts talk sey Vitamin C na enzyme wen dey make skin bright while Vitamin B3 dey make spot wen dark before come light. Then Resorcinol and Alpha-arbutin dey make yur skin get even tone, talk Cynthia Price, M.D. wen be dermatologist for Phoenix.

  • Always drink water

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According to Jeanine Downie, M.D., wen be dermatologist for New Jersey, “Once yur bodi no get di water wen e need, yur colour go come dull and yu fit even start to get wrinkles join. Make yu dey apply moisturizer morning and night make yur skin fit dey hydrated. Wen yu wan buy wetin wan hydrate yur skin, buy lotion and cream instead of oil and serum. Di reason why lotion and cream dey make yur skin dey hydrated na becos dem mix am with oil and water.

  • Get routine for cleansing

If yu want make yur skin dey look radiant efiri time, e betta make yu dey cleanse am from time to time. E go help yu commot all di dirty wen dey block yur skin. Use yur finger take rub cleanser for yur face both morning and night. Use yur finger take rub am for circular motion, den from di inside of yur face, rub go di outside part so efiri part of yur face go dey clean.

African woman aplying lotion

  • Eat food wen dey rich in antioxidants

If yu don dey wonda weda food wen yu dey chop dey affect yur skin, di ansa na yes. Buy fruits like guava, strawberries, walnuts, blackberries, pomegranate, raspberries and cranberries. Try mix am with yur food efiri day or chop am by dem sef. According to Jaclyn London, M.S., R.D, “Research don link dis kine antioxidant wen dey help free radical wen dey protect skin from ultraviolet ray wen dey sun.”

  • Use lotion take boost di way wen yur skin dey radiate

E be like sey betta news dey for pipo wen want make dia skin glow sharp sharp. New skincare products don dey available wen combine benefit of moisturizer with highlighter. If yu want make e dey effective, use am as if yu dey apply face lotion wen yu wan make up or tap am as dots for yur forehead,cheekbone and under di arch of yur eyebrow.

  • Exfoliate yur skin
African woman exfoliating

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Yu fit use either physical exfoliant two or three times efiri week or use chemical exfoliant once efiri week if yur skin dey sensitive. Senior Chemist Sabina Wizemann, talk sey “One of di best way wen yu fit make yur skin bright na to exfoliate am. Dis one dey commot all di cells wen don die, so di surface go dey smoth and clear.

Some oda stubborn skin wahala dey becos sun don damage di skin or oda things wen There are other stubborn skin problems due to sun damage or other causes that might need the attention of a certified dermatologist. If you find yourself with such skin problems, don’t hesitate to see an expert who would recommend solutions for you.

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Written By Lydia Ume

Translated By Anino Aganbi

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