How you can improve your family relationship

How you can improve your family relationship

Akothee's relationship with her ex-husband is quite admirable. Applying the ways to improve your family relationship ensures that you coexist in harmony.

It was recently reported that Akothee was unwell after collapsing during a show and had to be admitted to a hospital. Her stay in the hospital has been marked by an immense show of love and support from her family. On Monday, the father of her three children, Jared Okello, visited her in the hospital along with his siblings. The controversial Kenyan singer took to her Instagram page to gush about her family, sharing a thing or two on how to improve family relationships.

Ways to improve family relationships


The singer was visibly pleased with the loving gesture from her family, as she went on to post a few words on how important family is to her. "Meet my family. Jakwath Jared Okello and his siblings visited. Respect baba Vesha, Rue Baby and Fancy Makadia. He tried, my friend, Jakwath tried," she wrote, commending him for sticking with her for ten years. "Living with a madwoman under one roof for ten years without knowing isn't easy." For those who may not know, Jared Okello is the father of her three daughters Vesha Okello, Rue Baby and Fancy Makadia.

akothee collapses on stage

Akothee gushed about her love for her family, insisting that they are the only family her children have. Also, she advised her fans to make peace with their families for the sake of their children. "I love my family, nothing beats the odds and ends of a family, the only relatives my children have. If not from my maternal and nothing can change that. I pray that you too make peace with your families for the sake of your children the world is cruel," added Akothee.

Other ways to build a relationship with your family

How you can improve your family relationship

  • Be interested in each family member: To look to improve your relationship with your family is to show genuine interest in the life of each person. It might surprise you how much just showing interest can mean to people.
  • Allow healing to take place: Healing from past hurts allows you and your family members to move past and into the future. So, when you're hurt, address what needs to be addressed without reservations so everyone can move on.
  • Allow space for differences: You may be a family bound by blood, but you still have to understand that we are all built to function differently. There's no point being against a family member who's different in some way. Instead, you should celebrate your differences as long as it doesn't harm anyone.
  • Give each other space to breathe: Even family members need space from each other to do their thing. Even if you all live in the same space, you can still give a family member the space they need to breathe.

Love isn't always easy, family members or otherwise. As long as people are concerned there will always be problems and misunderstandings. However, you must find a balance where you try your best without sacrificing your peace of mind.

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