How Toyin Lawani Taught Her Son About Life And Privilege

How Toyin Lawani Taught Her Son About Life And Privilege

Toyin Lawani's decision to make her son hawk in traffic on his birthday surprised many. For her, it was one of the ways parents could teach kids about life.

One of the goals of parenting is to teach your kids about life. This is to prepare them for a bigger world beyond your family unit and inspire confidence. On her son's 6th Birthday, popular Nigerian entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani, found a creative way to teach her son about life and privilege. She made a post on social media recounting the unusual celebration and the reason behind it.

Toyin Lawani reveals how she and her son celebrated his 6th birthday

How Toyin Lawani Taught Her Son About Life And Privilege

For most celebrities, and indeed most people, a child's birthday is a time to celebrate. But Lawani went a different path on her son's 6th birthday, taking him on a road trip to hawk in traffic. On Instagram, she revealed that she made her son walk in the shoes of the less-privileged for a day. The boy had been in the habit of asking why she always gives money to kids anytime they drive past them on the road. Her aim was to show him how different life is for other people.

However, Lawal isn't the only celebrity to make their child experience the side of the less-privileged. Sometime back, Kunle Afolayan took his son to a mechanic workshop to learn the trade. Many called it a publicity stunt, but in an interview with The Cable, Afolayan cleared the air on why he did that. He believed that it was a better way to spend the holidays than spending time at home watching TV.

His son reacted by crying on the first day but soon began showing interest. Afolayan also explained that he wanted his son to see life differently and meet people from different classes.

How To Teach Your Kids About Life And Privilege

The actions of Lawani and Afolayan were aimed at making their children understand that being privileged is not a birthright, or an entitlement. And to learn that one should show empathy to those who don't have such privileges.

ways to teach kids about life and privilege

  • Recognise your privilege:

As a parent, everything starts with you. So starting with stories about your life and privilege will prepare the ground for you to tell your child about theirs. Tell them about moments that captured your disadvantages or disadvantages growing up, then point out theirs.

  • Make use of teachable moments:

Know when an opportunity to teach your child a life lesson comes up, whether it's about his or her privilege or something else. Teachable moments can come through a lot of ways, including TV shows, current events, books, and movies.

  • Expose them to different realities:


Toyin Lawani Son Hawking In Traffic

You've taught them about different realities, now it's time to show them. When your kids have experienced other realities, they understand better that not only their reality exists. This makes them understand people, how to get along, and how to communicate and show kindness.

However, your goal isn't for you to make your children feel guilty for what they have. Neither is it to make them feel like their privilege is solely responsible for their achievements. The goal is to make them understand that the world doesn't revolve around them.

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