Unique Weaving Hairstyles For Schools

Unique Weaving Hairstyles For Schools

When choosing weaving hairstyles for school, there is so much to consider besides beauty. You want a hairstyle that will make your little girl look smart, easy on her (hair) roots and considerably pain-free.

With that in mind, we've carefully selected hairstyles that manage to combine beauty and simplicity at the same time. These hairstyles allow your child to move comfortably in school without worrying about whipping her hair into her eyes unknowingly. In addition, some of them have beautiful patterns if she wants something unique.

7 Beautiful Weaving Hairstyles For School

The different weaving hairstyles below allow you to choose according to your child's preferences and the kind of hair she has. Whether she's patient or impatient, has long or short hair that's tough or soft, there's something here for her.


  • Shuku All-back


The shuku gives your child a smart look, without taking much of your time during the weaving. You can make a bun behind or even add some twists in front, but make sure it's not at her eye level.

  • Double Buns

double buns

This is an ideal hairstyle for kids who find it hard to sit for a long period of time. It is simply single braids packed into two buns. The great thing about this hair is that you can restyle it into one bun.


  • Zigzag Cornrows

zigzag cornrows

This is done the same way as a normal all-back cornrows, the only difference being that you don't have to do it in a straight line. The zigzag gives your little one a stylish look as she goes to school.


  • Off-shoulder with a Heart

off shoulder

If your child is the patient type and can sit herself through this hairstyle, then go for it. The elegance of this hairstyle gives your little one's face a lift, although it's a bit complicated.


  • Side Swoop

side swoop cornrows Weaving Hairstyles For School

The side swoop is sharp and beautiful, but unlike an all-back hairstyle, it falls to the side as the name suggests. Because of its simplicity, your child doesn't have to sit for long to do this hairstyle.

  • Double Patewo

double patewo

Your little girl will look stunning with double patewo, with one large cornrow that runs through the middle of her head. The rest of the weaving can follow a pattern of your choosing. This hair is relatively easy to braid.

  • Half Updo

half cornrows

This simple hairstyle sets your child apart on the playground. A bun holds together some of the cornrows while the rest of them run down to the back.


  • Stitch Braids

stitch braids Weaving Hairstyles For School

With stitch braids, you don't have to worry about your little one getting her hair into her eyes because everything about this style stays above eye level. These elegant cornrows create box-like shapes that highlight this style.


Safety and maintenance tips for African hair

  • Make sure your stylist doesn't hold your child's hair very tight because this could cause headaches or breakage.
  • Adding a bit of extension might make your child's hair last longer, but these styles are still okay without extension.
  • Make sure she wears a shower cap when she showers.
  • To keep moisture in her scalp, use an anti-itch scalp oil that will keep her scalp fresh.
  • Before loosening her weaves, make sure you spray some leave-in spritz to keep her hair from breaking off.

Whichever hairstyle you decide to go with, be sure to take into account your child's hair type and her ability to sit still for the duration of the weaving.

Did we miss any styles? Post your recommendations in the comment section. We are reading!

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