Simi And Adekunle Gold Dey Mark Dia First Wedding Anniversary With Sweet Love Message For Social Media

Simi And Adekunle Gold Dey Mark Dia First Wedding Anniversary With Sweet Love Message For Social Media

The duo got married in the most hushed-up celebrity wedding of 2019.

Adekunle Gold dey celebrate im wife Simi for dia first wedding anniversary togeda. E go for social media write some kain sweet word give her.

couple simi and adekunle

Adekunle Write Beta Lyrics For Dis Wedding Anniversary Give Simi For Instagram

wedding anniversary

Di music star write for im Instagram for Monday, January 13, 2020; where e first share one veri fine foto of im wife and him. He come caption di foto with beta accolade wey e shower give im wife, Simi. He tok say:

"1 year don waka and I no fit tok as God take bless me say na you I dey folow do dis love sontin. You dey make me laff, hard, you fine too much. I get luck say na me go love you forever. We go get plenty more fine fine memories dem togeda. We go do big big tin and we go live awa life for awasef. Love you forever babe."

Simi sef folow go for Instagram go write her own. She sef celebrate her husband well well with beta lyrics dem. She say:

wedding anniversary

"Fine fine baby. Di main tin wey you mean to me, I no sure say you go ever rili undastand. I no dey like to share our special time dem, becos na we get am. So people fit no ever even know as you take special reach to me. Na veri veri high level wey be say e high pass oda level dem. nobody connect with me pass you...."

Singer Omawumi and hubby follow celebrate 2nd wedding anniversary

Na so Omawunmi and her husband sef celebrate their second wedding anniversary for di same January 13. Di singer go Instagram go celebrate her husband. She tok say: "Happy Tradiversary Fine Boy @d_seventeenth ... You dey make di tin be like breeze, I go always love you "


Make we tok true, love na very beautiful somtin and e sweet no be small. Na somtin wey plenty pipo dey pray say dem go find with beta person. Even as our celebrity dey quick comot for their marriage, we dey happy to see say some dey carry go. E dey give hope to their fans. Her husband sef wish her for im own Instagram.

Omawunmi and Mr Yusuf get 2 cute pikin sake of say dem don dey together before dem gree say dem go marry.

Some Ideas To Take Celebrate Your Spouse For Una Anniversary

  1. Recreate una wedding night menu.

Wetin be di first food wey una chop as husband and wife? Make una chop di food togeda again. Una fit even go market buy di ingredients, come prepare di food togeda. If na food wey una dey chop for house well well you fit add efizi put make e for sweet well well. Dis one na anoda memory wey una no go quick forget.

2. Make una do fotoshoot

Make list of all di special place wey una don go togeda. Den make una go dia go take foto. E fit be where una kiss for di first time. Or di place wey una marry. No call fotografa o! Na una go do foto by unasef.

3. Make Anniversary Music Playlist

Make playlist of all di song wey dey special to una relationship. Then make una go somewhere go relax enjoy di music. Or una fit stay for house and dance!

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