Wetin be HFMD? How You Go Fit Know The Signs and Treatment

Wetin be HFMD? How You Go Fit Know The Signs and Treatment

HFMD disease na common disease wey dey normali disturb pikin. E get some ways wey you go fit avoid am and helep yourself if e reach your side.

According to dem Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) na common illness wey virus dey cause and e dey affect dem children wey dey between infant and 5 years old. In some occasions too, e fit affect person wey old pass 5 years and even adult. Dis illness dey make person wey get am get blisters for dem hand, foot and mouth.

Dokito Patience Ejimofor who be consultant paediatrician yan sey na coxsackie virus dey cause dis disease, e fit dey common for Naija because our country warm small. She add join am sey de disease fit spread if person wey contract am get contact with other people dem. Na im be sey we suppose dey careful to dey share stuff with person wey get de disease. If person get de disease, e fit no know until im begin dey see symptoms around three to six days.

Wetin fit cause Hand, foot and mouth disease

Coxsackie virus- as dokito Patience Ejimofor don yan, dis na de common cause of hand, foot and mouth disease.

Entero virus- as dem Center for Disease Control and Prevention yan, entero virus dey cause dis kain disease and de result of dis virus infection fit dey very dangerous as im fit lead to encephalitis.

Person fit catch de disease if person move too close to who get am and fluid from de person wey get am transfer to who no get am. Also if person touch de shit or fluid wey come from de person wey don catch de disease, im too fit catch am. No be only dat, if person touch anytin wey don dey infected with de disease, im fit also get de disease- whether na from public pace or indoor. Na why dem advise make people wey get dis kain disease go seek medical helep quick quick and avoid to dey touch or share tins with who nor get.

Wetin be de symptoms of Hand, foot and mouth disease?

symptoms of hfmd

  • Fever
  • Loss of appetite
  • Soar throat
  • Body weakness or discomfort
  • Red spot for de mouth
  • Painful blisters for de back of mouth
  • Skin rash for de palms of de hand and soles of de feet
  • Painful blisters for de hand and feet and sometimes for de elbows, buttocks or private part.

Any complication fit arise from Hand, foot and mouth disease?

complications of hand foot and mouth disease

In very very small cases, if hand, foot and mouth disease too tey for person body, e fit lead to complications like:

  1. Viral Meningitis- dis fit happen once once wen de hand, foot and mouth disease tey small for body, e fit start with dem fever, headache, pain for body, den stiff neck.
  2. Loss of nails- pikin dem fit lose dem fingernail or toenail wen dem get dis disease. According to dem report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, e never certain if na de disease dey cause de loss of nails, but for dose wey dem study, de nails grow back on deir own after some time.
  3. Encephalitis- dis kain case na wen de brain begin dey swell because of dem virus infection wey attack de brain. Dis disease dey threaten person life and in very rare case hand, foot and mouth disease fit be de cause.

How to treat Hand, foot and mouth disease

how to treat hand foot and mouth

As e be so, e never get vaccine wey dem dey use treat hand, foot and mouth disease, for de future de vaccine fit dey available. De good tin be sey dis disease fit heal on im own. You fit use some treatment to take helep relieve de symptom and make de healing fast.

  • Take fluid frequently- so dat your body go dey hydrated. If na baby get de disease, breast milk and water go helep am dey hydrated. Adult fit also take water or any liquid to dey okay.
  • Take pain relief- to reduce de pain from headache, fever or back pain, you fit take pain relief. Consult your dokito and seek helep.
  • Chop food wey soft- HFMD dey cause soar throat. For de sake of your throat, eat food wey soft. No be dis kain time you go siddon for front of fufu or eba. Chop food wey no go cause you pain for de soar wey dey your throat.
  • Dey indoor- To avoid make de disease dey spread, e beta make people wey get am stay away from any means wey fit make de disease spread. If na pikin wey dey go school, you fit allow am make im stay for house for one or two weeks make de disease heal.

Now wey we don know wetin be HFMD we need to dey careful to not contract am. For people wey never get de disease, you need maintain good hygiene so you no go fit contract de disease. Always try to wash your hand with soap. Whether you just come back from outside or you don touch different different tins for house, always wash your hand. If you dey with person wey get de disease, no be de right time for kissing and hugging


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Center For Disease Control


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Tony S Abiodun