Stages of Child Development: What are the 5 Stages of Child Development?

Stages of Child Development: What are the 5 Stages of Child Development?

Every stage of a child’s development is awesome. If you're wondering what are the 5 stages of child development, you should know that it all starts from your baby’s first kick in the uterus. It’s totally amazing, knowing that a living human being is inside you, kicking and enjoying its time inside you. But when your child is born, it’s a whole new ball game. You now have a little person who looks up to you for everything: feeding, health, religion, education, character, future, everything. You don’t want to fail them. You want to be there to cheer them through the stages of development.

If you want to know what are the 5 stages of child development, here they are:

First Three Months:

During the first three months of your baby’s life, what he basically does is eat, cry, sleep, defecate, and urinate. He can only lie down and can’t even lift his neck because his head is still a big load. So, at this stage, to make things easier for your baby, always place your palm on his neck when lifting him up. That will help to support his neck so that it doesn’t keep lolling from side to back.

what are the 5 stages of child development

Three to Six Months

By this time, your baby is able to lift his neck by himself. This is the time to teach him to sit. At least every time he is awake, when he is done eating, you can make him sit on the ground. A hard surface is always better: like an orthopedic mattress or a mat. It is important to keep him on a warm surface also. The tiles might be too cold for him.

Also, when placing him on a mat, surround him with pillows so that if he falls, the pillows will make sure he lands safely. When you make him sit, place his palms on the ground by way of support. At first, he will cry because you are taking him away from his lying comfort zone. But you must persevere. He will get used to it.

When he first attempts to sit, he will surely fall. This is when a pillow comes in handy. The pillows on all sides will hold him firmly so that he doesn’t fall. It will make sure he is seated. When he stops falling, you can shift the front pillow away a bit so that he can rest his hands on the ground for support.

Initially, when he learns to sit, he will experience a backache. He will cry. Rub his waist tenderly to help soothe the pain. Don't leave him sitting for more than ten minutes at a stretch. After ten minutes, carry him and give him time to rest. He can continue again when he wakes up from another bout of sleep and feeding.

Parents are always eager to know what are the 5 stages of child development, but it is important not to force him to sit before the third month to avoid hurting his spinal cord. There is no competition in child development. Your baby will be able to perfectly sit on his own.

Six to Nine Months

By this time, the baby should be able to sit on his own. This is the time to start potty-training him. He is not expected to start using the potty at this stage. The aim of this training is to get him accustomed to the potty so that when you are ready to stop using diapers, it will not be difficult to get him to use his potty.

Also, at this stage, you can discontinue exclusive breastfeeding only if you wish to. It is important to give the child warm water first thing in the morning before anything else. It is good for his kidney.

Nine to Twelve Months

A lot of development takes place at this stage. You might see his first tooth. He will learn to crawl. Some children even learn to communicate (say a few understandable mumbles). If your child does none of these, it is okay. He will grow to do that in his time. If a delay makes you wonder what are the 5 stages of child development, remember not to worry too much about milestones.

what are the 5 stages of child development


To teach the child to crawl, place him on his hands and knees—in the crawling position—and beckon on him to come to you. You can keep his toy a distance from him and ask him to go and take it. What he will do at first is to lie on his stomach. Help him stand and repeat the process. In time, he will be able to crawl properly. Amazingly, some children walk at this stage. Some children even skip crawling and get straight to walking.

When a child develops fever as a result of a growing tooth, it doesn't call for panic. 99% of the time, it is because of the things he puts in his mouth while massaging his gum. Tepid sponge the baby first and administer pain reliever, but if it continues, go to the hospital. Don't always assume it is just teething. Take the child to see a doctor.

You wanted to know what are the 5 stages of child development, and you should know that some of these stages call for hospital visits.

One - Two Years

90% of children walk before they are two. First, they learn to hold on to the table and stand. Then they hold the table and walk. Next, they take a few steps on their own and fall. They crawl to a table, hold it, get up, and try again. Little by little, they learn to walk. After walking, they learn to run. But they will be hopping at first because their feet aren’t strong on the ground, but with time, they will be fine.

Two to Four Years

what are the 5 stages of child development

Most children begin communicating at this stage. Some of them feed themselves, and some begin using the toilet on their own, etc. They usually start school at this point and learn to socialize. They become inquisitive and ask loads of questions.

For example:
You: Junior drop that stick. You will injure yourself.
Junior: What is injure?
You: Like a wound.
Junior: What is wound?
what are the 5 stages of child development

Please don't get tired of answering his questions. You will kill his curiosity if you do. Answer him until he has no more questions.

The question: what are the stages of child development is one every new parent wants to know. Remember to relax and enjoy each and every stage, no matter how fast or slow it comes. You will never get these moments back!


Written by

Julie Adeboye