What Does It Mean To Be A Good Wife?

What Does It Mean To Be A Good Wife?

How would you know that you are being a good wife?

Meet a hundred Nigerian men on the street, ask them what they want in a wife, and you'd most likely get some same answers, others would be different in varying degrees. Factors like location, ethnicity, and religion may help bring variety into what they might want in a wife. Nevertheless, on a general level, there are basic qualities that are likely to be recurrent in what  Nigerian men want in a wife.

What Qualities Would Make You A Good Wife?

Here are some qualities Nigerian men want in a wife.

  • Respect and understanding 

What qualities can make you a good wife

In the eyes of a most Nigerian man, respect and understanding are important qualities. These qualities are valued with a view on how essential they are in cultivating a great home. There will be rainy days in a husband's life, and he doesn't pray to return home to a wife that might only compound his predicament instead of bringing a calming effect. 

  • Team playing

Team playing is another in-demand quality most Nigerian men want in a wife. Two heads are better than one is a pretty popular byword in these parts. A husband wants a wife with whom he can form a united front. Together they can instil qualities they both want in their kids. Additionally, team playing is also about working together to achieve your short term and long term goals for your lives.What Does It Mean To Be A Good Wife?

  • Prayers 

The Nigerian people are very religious, so it makes a praying wife to be seen as a special asset. Under the harsh economic and general living conditions of the country, a husband is believed to need an extra prayer or two. A wife who can intercede on his behalf whenever she goes to God in supplication. 

  • Cooking

Food is very important in a home. That goes without saying. And due to a lot of societal rules, women are expected to know how to cook. Most Nigerian men do not see it as their role to cook, so it is seen as a great asset to have in a wife. A husband appreciates a wife who can easily prepare any meal he may want to eat after a long day. However, times are changing and our society is becoming more progressive. Cooking is a necessary survival skill that every individual needs to have.

What Does It Mean To Be A Good Wife?

  • Frugality

Money is hard to come by in Nigeria and it can leave the pocket of a careless spender real quick. So a husband appreciates this quality because it shows that the wife spares a thought for how he struggles to make money. And she can translate this to the kids, who are made to understand that it is not okay to be wasteful with resources. When you are resourceful, it is easier for both partners to pitch into the finances at home. This reduces the load being on one partner,

Nigeria is a very big and diversified country.  Other qualities might be in demand according to place. So it's difficult to capture. But the above qualities might pass as a generic representation. 

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Lydia Ume