Secrets To Raising A Happy Child

Secrets To Raising A Happy Child

We all want the same things for our kids. We want them to grow up to love and be loved, follow their dreams, and find success. So what makes a child happy?

Life is far too scripted today. Plans are made. Classes are attended. Craft projects are intended to mimic those found on Pinterest. Gone are the days of free play and creating something out of nothing. Many kids today are simply following a script. Parents say they want many things for their children, but most of all, they want them to be happy. So, what makes a child happy?

Material Things Versus Relationships?

Secrets To Raising A Happy Child


Children in a 2009 study in Queensland were asked to list the things that made them happy. Not surprisingly, material items featured on the lists. This may not be very reassuring to some parents. They may worry that they cannot afford the things that make their kids happy. The good news is, material things are not the only things that make children happy. Some children in the study also listed people and pets, hobbies, sports and achievements as things that bring them happiness.

Even better, material things may be important to kids,but it wasn't the most important thing to the children in the study. When they were asked to choose between material things and other things, the clear winner wasn't material things. The kids preferred people and pets to material items. They consistently removed hobbies, sports, achievements and material items in order to keep people and pets on their lists.

The research suggests that loving relationships make children happier than material items do. This is great, but what if you’re unable to spend as much time with your children as you would like to? What if your work, study and family commitments mean that you are among the many time-poor parents? The research suggests that supporting children to have safe connections with other trusted adults and peers, may help to support children’s happiness. especially for parents who are unable to spend as much time with their children as they wish.

In light of the above, how would you raise your child to be happy? Seeing that happy people have a higher chance at success, we've put together some tips for raising happy children. See them below:

How To Raise Happy Children

Firstly, some parts of your child's happiness will depend on his interests. There's no one-size-fits-all parenting strategy. But if you listen to your child, you won't go wrong. Also, the following tips will do your child a world of good. In no time, you'll see the benefits.

Acknowledge their efforts

Secrets To Raising A Happy Child


Children quickly learn that society values accomplishments, and will feel pressured to perform in certain areas. It’s really important that you not only acknowledge the things they excel at, but also the things that inspire them to work hard and make an effort.

Experts on childhood cognition say that the best way to approach this is to focus not on what the child is (e.g. “You’re so smart!”) but instead to focus on the process in which the child is engaging (e.g. “You’re really concentrating on that!”).

Value family traditions

Secrets To Raising A Happy Child

You create a stable household for a child when you have set habits, activities and events. Researchers at the Childhood Development Institute note that family traditions are important in at least five different ways.

Specifically, these traditions:

  • Model positive traits for children.
  • They give children space and time to express their emotions.
  • Strengthen bonds between adults and children.
  • They let adults observe weaknesses and difficulties in children.
  • They allow the child to experience feeling significant and cared for.

Create happy memoriesSecrets To Raising A Happy Child


Researchers are keen to remind us not to underestimate the importance of making happy memories with children. This actually teaches children to be both happy and compassionate adults.

In a study conducted at Harvard, psychologists found that adults recalling positive memories from childhood were thereafter more likely to help with a task, evaluate negative behavior as inappropriate, and give more money to charity. So, when you plan a great trip, laugh with your children or play a game, you are creating experiences that will encourage morally good, loving behavior later in life.

Give them plenty play time

Secrets To Raising A Happy Child


It’s tempting to think about childhood education and to encourage children to do as many edifying activities as possible. It’s also important to allow children enjoy a life without the weight of adult concerns. This is especially important in young kids, but there’s strong evidence that it matters all the way up to adolescence.

Professor Gray from Boston College’s psychology department explains that play actually provides opportunities for children to learn from each other. In addition, it allows them to experiment with their imaginations, develop social skills and learn about their preferences.

Be happy yourself

Secrets To Raising A Happy Child

Finally, one of the best things you can do for your child is to cultivate happiness in your own life. This gives them a positive atmosphere in which to thrive and models how people can successfully engage and overcome challenges.

Maintaining your own happiness involves regularly taking time for your own hobbies. Plus, try to work on things that are holding you back in your emotional life, and holding healthy boundaries in your relationships with other adults. The children in your life likely care a lot about your happiness. So if you’re smiling and having a great time, they’ll feel free to relax and do the same.

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