What to do at a Nigerian baby shower?

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Have you thought of throwing a baby shower but you’re not sure about what to do at a baby shower? As with all parties, maybe you’re expecting to invite your family and the friends. Of course, it is wonderful to throw a party and invite your best people to celebrate with you in a venue decorated with beautiful balloons in soft pastel colours. But when it comes to baby showers, you will have to think beyond the yummy cupcakes you’ll serve your guests.


what to do at a baby shower

So, how do you pull this off when baby showers have only just become popular in Nigeria?

If you wondering how you can make it a memorable experience for everyone, you should know first of all understand what this kind of party means.

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is not your typical Nigerian owambe party. It differs from naming ceremonies and baby dedications because it actually celebrates the unborn baby. This American tradition celebrates the mom-to-be and her baby. Friends and family of the expectant mother usually gather together to shower her with gifts for the baby—hence the name baby shower.

Baby showers used to be a predominantly female only affair, but nowadays men can also attend. You can invite your male family members and friends if you’re up to it!

what to do at a baby shower

When does a baby shower happen?

Most baby showers in Nigeria happen late in the pregnancy. However, you shouldn’t discount the possibility of attending a party hosted by a friend in the early stages of pregnancy. There are no rules! The size of the pregnancy doesn’t matter, it is knowing what to do at a baby shower that counts.

Some moms prefer baby showers after the birth of the baby, so you shouldn’t be shy to throw your newborn a baby shower after everyone has already visited to congratulate you on the birth.

It is very important to fix the party at a time that is convenient for your guests. If possible, schedule your baby shower for after work hours or weekends. It is also important to consider the weather. You don’t want your guests to arrive soaking wet.

Party please! 

Baby showers are like other Nigerian parties in the sense that the location matters as much as the event being celebrated! Moms can go all out and rent banquet halls, beautiful gardens, poolside locations and even churches. The location of the baby shower will depend on the theme and the budget of the parents-to-be.
The location will also inspire the dress code. This means that a beachside party will often come with a dress code that is beach-friendly.

what to do at a baby shower

Who will host the baby shower?

You don’t have to host your own baby shower. Friends of the expectant mom are always on hand to play hosts. A family member can also be called upon for hosting duties. Alternatively, if the people around are too shy to go out front and lead the party, you can always pay an MC to host the event. A professional will know what to do at a baby shower while making sure that everyone is having a great time.

Who can you invite?

You may have to draw up a list of invitees. Unfortunately, your budget may not accommodate a large number of guests, so you may have to deal with people who will feel slighted at being left out. Your guest list will typically include family, friends, colleagues, and well-wishers who all eager to attend and enjoy what to do at a baby shower.

How much can you spend on a baby shower?

Your wallet will have to answer this question! You can go big or go small; it’s all up to you. It can be so easy for you to overshoot your budget, so plan everything to the last detail. The best way to keep track of your spending is to take note of every single thing you buy for the party.

What to do at a baby shower

The food might be good but your guests will want a lot more than delightful snacks and a great wine selection. The activities must be fun if you want an unforgettable party. There are fun baby shower games to keep your guests

Wondering what to do at a baby shower? Some of the games to try are:
1. Baby animal names
2. Celebrity baby names
3. What’s in your purse?
4. Celebrity baby names
5. Baby shower word games
6. Baby shower guess the nursery rhyme
7. Decorate the egg
8. Dress the mommy
9. Wishes for the baby
10. Baby name maker

What to serve at a baby shower

Your food options will depend mostly on your budget. You can serve snacks, pastries and cakes. You can also go all out and serve delicious food like jollof rice as well as Nigerian soups and swallows. What’s a Nigerian party without good food?

As for drinks, you can serve wines, spirits, fruit juices, cocktails, or even beer. What to do at a baby shower include eating and having a good time!

How to choose baby shower themes

Your theme doesn’t have to be elaborate. A theme sets the mood for the party and informs the guests of your plans way ahead of time. The theme will tie everything together because it influences the décor, the dress code, the food selection, the music, and even the location of your baby shower.
Now that you know what to do at a baby shower, don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

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