When Intimacy Dies In Marriage These Might Be The Consequences!

When Intimacy Dies In Marriage These Might Be The Consequences!

When intimacy dies in marriage, the consequences can wreck a relationship if the couple doesn’t make the effort to revive the passion. By lack of intimacy, we don’t mean sex alone. Emotional intimacy is also important for any relationship.

Intimacy doesn’t just up and disappear in a marriage. If couples with this problem take the time to trace its origins, they’ll discover that the disconnection didn’t just happen. It is usually a slow process that creeps up and accumulates over a period of time.
So, how does intimacy die in marriages?

When Intimacy Dies In Marriage: the possible causes!

1. Physical and emotional disconnection

Sexual intimacy disappears as soon as a couple stops connecting on a physical level. This usually happens when they stop spending quality time together. Sex could become just another chore, and in extreme cases, sex could stop altogether.

when intimacy dies in marriage
2. Stress

Stress is another possible cause of no intimacy in marriage. Sexual desire can wane once the man or the woman is stressed. If you notice that the connection in your relationship has decreased, you can investigate to find out where the stress is coming from—it could come from the office or your home.

3. Poor self-esteem and self-worth

No intimacy in marriage consequences could also be as a result of low self-esteem. If a man or a woman is feeling insecure and unattractive, they could grow to hate any situation that could reveal these perceived flaws. This problem becomes even worse when they are not getting compliments from their partners. Anyone who feels unattractive will likely not be enthusiastic about stripping off their clothes and getting down in the bedroom.

4. Feeling rejected and unloved

No one should ever feel unloved. Sometimes the rejection might be overt. Other times, it could be so subtle that the person doing the rejecting wouldn’t even know he/ she is doing it. Never rebuff your partner’s advances because you don’t know how bad it will affect them. Try to encourage them when they try new things in bed or make any effort to spice up your sex life.

when intimacy dies in marriage
5. Deep-rooted bitterness

Another possible cause of no intimacy in marriage consequences is bitterness. When this bitterness is not vocalized, it could develop into coldness or withdrawal from the partner.

6. Monotony

Couples that have been married for a long time will tell you that if you aren’t making the effort to fire up your sexual life, sex could become repetitive and boring. Once this boredom sets in, sexual desire could die off since no one is expecting anything new in the bedroom. This is one of the no intimacy in marriage consequences. 

7. Past hurts and pain

Unfortunately, the past could come calling when you least expect it. It isn’t unusual for someone to withdraw from all forms of intimacy when they remember something painful in their past. The ghosts and memories of a former relationship could cause your partner to withdraw from you sexually and emotionally.

When Intimacy Dies In Marriage

As mentioned before, no intimacy in marriage could rip the marriage apart if something is not done urgently. When the connection dies, the following could happen to the marriage:


Cheating becomes a possibility when married couples don’t get enough sex from their partners. This is not to excuse infidelity, but the possibility of looking elsewhere for sex becomes high when no one is getting it at home.


The divorce rate in Nigeria continues to rise every day. Although no one has taken the time to conduct a poll to know how many couples divorced because their marriage was sexless, the possibility is still high.


There are few things as unfortunate as couples who started out deeply in love eventually growing to hate each other. When one person begins to feel unloved and unwanted because of a lack of intimacy, they may grow to resent their partners.

Communication could suffer

No intimacy in marriage consequences could also include poor communication. The distance in itself could make it hard for the couple to open up and discuss their feelings. Once communication fails in a marriage, then the marriage is as good as done.

• Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem could kill intimacy in marriage, and it can also be a consequence, too. A person who wants to have sex but meets an unresponsive partner each time he initiates it may develop self-esteem issues. In this case, it is natural to wonder whether your partner is cold because they don’t find you desirable. People in sexless marriages could lose their self-confidence if they are not careful enough to assess their own feelings.

When Intimacy Dies In Marriage: How to fix it

It is possible to bring back the fire in your relationship. The only thing is that you have to want it and work very hard for it. The process of restoring intimacy in your marriage may not be easy at first, but you can do it!
Here’s how you can rekindle the passion in your marriage:

1. Seek counselling

Counselling can help you interrogate the feelings and the issues that had killed off intimacy in your marriage. Marriage counselling can reverse no intimacy in marriage consequences.

2. Appreciate your partner

Your words of encouragement can go a long way towards making your partner feel loved and appreciated. A partner who feels secure in the relationship will not be afraid to open up to you.

3. Address conflicts before they escalate

Never let anger grow to the point where it affects your marriage. Kill every feeling of resentment before things become worse.

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Julie Adeboye