Does God Bring People Together? Why?

Does God Bring People Together? Why?

God never does anything just because. There's always a reason.

God has been in the business of matchmaking since the days of Adam and Eve. If you’re single and wondering why does God bring people together, then this might not be the only question on your mind. You may also be asking yourself if you’ll ever find your God-given partner or if you’ll ever fall in love.

You can rest assured that God can and will lead you to someone who is right for you. As for the question why does God bring a man and woman together? The very obvious answer is that God is a God of purpose He is very intentional about everything He does.

why does God bring a man and woman together

Why does God bring a man and woman together?

Why does God bring a man and woman together? Some Biblical examples

  1. Adam and Eve

God himself realised that he needed to create a partner for Adam, so he put Adam in a deep sleep and created Eve. Adam did not ask God for a wife, but in Genesis 2:18, God decided that Adam’s life would be so much richer if he had ‘a suitable helper.’

2. Isaac and Rebekah – Genesis 24: 1 – 67

Does God Bring People Together? Why?

When Isaac was old enough to marry, his father Abraham sent a servant to Haran to find a wife for Isaac. The servant realised the importance of not just finding a partner by also finding a great one. The servant prayed and asked God for a sign thus: any woman who would offer water to him and his camels would be the right woman for Isaac.

After a long journey, the servant arrived at a well. He was tired and so were the camels. He met Rebekah at the well and she gave him water and also watered his camels. There and then he knew she was the one.

3. Why does God bring people together? Ruth and Boaz

If you are wondering why does God bring a man and woman togetherwhen a person has been married before; then you should learn from the story of Boaz and Ruth. This story illustrates that it is possible to find love again even after you’ve lost a partner to death or divorce. The book of Ruth chapter 2 demonstrates this point.

Ruth was hardworking, and Boaz noticed this when he saw her working in his field. She did not deliberately set out to get his attention, her aim was to do the job and provide for herself and her mother-in-law Naomi.

4. Rachel and Jacob

This couple’s story is a good example of enduring love. Jacob went to find a wife among his father’s people. He met Rachel at the well and fell in love instantly. The Genesis chapter 29 account of this story affirms that theirs was love at first sight. Jacob literarily cried out when he first saw her.

Unfortunately, Jacob was tricked into marrying Rachel’s older sister Leah since it was the tradition to marry the first daughter before the second. Jacob had to work for 14 years before he could marry his true love!

Does God Bring People Together

God can connect you to the partner of your dreams

What to do if you are hoping for a partner

Does God Bring People Together

First of all, the answer to your question how does God bring two people together is simple. God works in mysterious ways! You need to have faith and believe it will happen for you.

1. Pray

Pray and seek the face of God about your desire to be with someone. Our Biblical couples above all prayed before they began their search. With God’s guidance, you can get positioned at the right place and at the right time.

2. Focus on your work

You don’t have to put your whole life on hold just because you are looking for a partner. Develop yourself. Chase your dreams and put in the work needed to get you to where you should be. Most of the couples found their spouses while they were at work. Rebekah and Rachel were both working at the well when they met their husbands.

3. Your family and friends can play matchmaker

Asking your friends to introduce you to single people is not a sign of desperation. Rather, it is a great way to position yourself to be found. In Ruth’s case, her mother-in-law Naomi gave her tips on how to get Boaz interested, which answers the question of how does God bring two people together. Naomi’s connection helped promote Ruth from one of Boaz’s female workers to his wife.

4. Be patient

Jacob was tricked into marrying Leah, and as a result, he had to wait for 14 years to marry Rachel—the woman he had wanted all along. Things may not happen as fast as you want, but if you exercise a little bit of patience, it will all work out in the end.

God does a wonderful job of bringing two strangers together to start a loving relationship. You have to believe that you too will get your chance at love!


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