Williams Uchemba: Man Crush Alert!

Williams Uchemba: Man Crush Alert!

Sometimes, when we're not bringing you information on everything you need to know about pregnancy and parenting, we stalk hot guys! Not because we enjoy it,( and we're not saying we don't) but because we must keep you informed, you're welcome. We were minding our business when we heard whispers of this man's name. We had to stop minding our business and bring you the scoop! Today we're crushing on...drumroll! Williams Uchemba.

Williams Uchemba: Man Crush Alert!

About Williams Uchemba

Williams is an award winning Nollywood actor, philanthropist and comedian. In 2000 he started out in Nollywood as a child actor. one year after, he shot to fame in a movie titled The Journey of the Dead.

The actor hails from Abia state, in the south eastern part of Nigeria, where he attended primary and secondary school. He went on to study International Relations at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu State. He's now known to be based in the United States of America.

Williams Uchemba has been nominated for several awards in the course of his career. He has also won a few awards, to his credit. Williams has won the African Magic Viewers Choice Award for Most Promising Actor In Nigeria. He has also won the African Movie Academy Awards for the Best Kid Actor, to mention a few.

williams uchemba

Why We're Crushing on Williams Uchemba.

1. When he's not acting, he's creating some of the most hilarious comedy skits on the gram and on YouTube. He disguises his voice and talks funny. He's the originator of the now viral hashtag #IDontLikeWhatIHate.

2. When he's not making us laugh, he's putting smiles on people's faces, fixing their problems and making their dreams come true. From homeless women to street urchins, Williams has proven that he's a man of the people, and a lifter of the downtrodden.

3. The man is hawt! His well sculpted gym bod is a sight for sore eyes. And that sweet face of his is vanilla  ice cream on a very sunny afternoon. Like, can your man crush ever? The signs were always there, since he was a kid actor, but we're pleasantly surprised how nicely Williams filled out.

williams uchemba

4. He is intelligent, and he's passionate about Nigeria. So much so that he proudly speaks his local dialect wherever he is in the world.

5. Williams Uchemba is steadily securing the bag and stacking that paper. He was in the news early last year for buying a house in Los Angeles, USA. He has been known for making money moves and he's not stopping anytime soon. Last month, he became brand ambassador to Sapphire Scents, a growing perfumery based in Abuja, Nigeria.

What's your reason for crushing on William? Tell us in the comments.


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