Woman Violently Grabs Husband's Scrotum, Squeezes It Until He Dies

Woman Violently Grabs Husband's Scrotum, Squeezes It Until He Dies
A woman squeezes husband’s scrotum violently until he dies. The suspect, according to an eyewitness, is known for accusing her husband of having an extra marital affair.

woman squeezes husband's scrotum

woman squeezes husband’s scrotum

A police source confirms the incident, with claims that it’s under investigation. (The image of IGP Mohammed Adamu used for illustrative purpose) [TheCable] 

How it happened

Ekhator who was said to have killed her husband by violently grabbing his scrotum and squeezing it till he died, has now been arrested by men of the Edo Police Command.

It was gathered that the incident happened at the Ukhiri community in the Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area of the state.

Although, the man was said to have been rushed to a nearby hospital, but was confirmed dead by the hospital officials.

An eyewitness who preferred to be anonymous, stated that Eki often engaged her husband in cruel anytime he returned home late, by accusing him of having an affair with another woman.

On this occasion, the deceased slapped his wife and the woman went for his trousers and held on to his scrotum in a violent manner.

“She held on to it even as the man was screaming for help before he later collapsed and was rushed to a hospital, where he was confirmed dead,” the eyewitness stated.

A police source, however, made known that the homicide department of the Police Command, has confirmed that the incident is under investigation.

According to a police source, the suspect has confessed to the crime and blamed it on the devil.

wife squeezes man's penis

Trust in relationships

Trust plays a very important role in marriage. Without it, a marriage can hardly stand. If spouses cannot trust each other, suspicion and jealousy can wreak havoc on the marriage.

If trust is an issue, then the couple should try to get help by going for counselling.


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