This Twitter User Believes Women Cheat Better Than Men

This Twitter User Believes Women Cheat Better Than Men

Do women cheat more than men? This Twitter user thinks so.

Nigerians have a knack for debating serious social issues online with a cheerful undertone. Whenever the debate about who cheats better between Nigerian men and women surfaces online, it becomes a game of sides and a festival of memes. A Nigerian man known as 3didiong on Twitter recently tweeted what he believes to be the reason why he thinks women are better at cheating than men.

It has never really been clear-cut who generally cheats better among the two genders in Nigeria. There are no statistics for this. And there is certainly a shortage of people who may be inclined to provide such a statistic even in the future. So during these debates online, the points are drawn from personal experiences.

For 3didiong it is women who are better at cheating and therefore are rarely caught. He attributes their success to men keeping to the boundary within which the women are willing to play. The men don't go after their boyfriends seeking to replace them. Thus, under such an arrangement the women's boyfriends hardly catch them cheating.

This is not so with women, according to 3didiong. A man cheats with them and the next thing they are going after the man's girlfriend looking to replace her totally. They go as far as following the man's real girlfriend on social media, harassing her until she finds out that the man has been cheating.

He tweeted:

"Nigerian women cheat but are rarely caught because the people the women are cheating with have no intentions of replacing the main bfs/husbands. But small cheat that man is cheating, the sidey is already following the main on IG and dropping subs like say na contest. Witchcraft behaviour."

Are women really better at cheating than men? How does it affect relationships?

Are women better at cheating than men?

Cheating has nothing to do with being smart, but it has everything to do with the kind of person you are. There seems to be a misconception that getting away with cheating shows how smart you played it. Sometimes, Nigerian men and women can be seen bragging about their escapades online. The opinion that women cheat better than men is not something that can be proved. However, cheating isn't an oversight that should be attributed to circumstances or excused on the basis of gender. It would only cause damages and trust issues in your relationship.


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