A Facebook User's Prank On Breastfeeding Gone Wrong

A Facebook User's Prank On Breastfeeding Gone Wrong

In Africa, women breastfeed in public without being criticized. However, it is a different story in some societies. A Facebook user's prank on breastfeeding started a necessary discussion on breastfeeding in public spaces.

Do you think it’s okay for women to breastfeed in public? A facebook user, Innocent Maseko, recently posted an update that made people furious. The photo and caption were intentionally misleading to make people think he has a problem with women breastfeeding in public.


In your bedroom, it’s ok if you want, or where no one sees them but not in a dining room. It is a receptive place devoted to food consumption. It is also very disrespectful to your guests who have to use the very same table.

The truth is I don’t agree, I don’t know what you think, but it makes me sick. I know that many will come out to defend it, and they will say a lot of things in their favour, but they won’t even change my mind about this act.

It’s a bad habit. You can tell this is a normal practice in her house, and she acts as if it is nothing, but… I personally do not agree that people should always leave their earphones laying around on top of dining tables that are also being used by other people. Such actions make me sick… IT IS NOT RIGHT!!!

should women breastfeed in public

Innocent added this image of a woman breastfeeding in his post

Should Women Breastfeed In Public?

For many, they did not get to the end of the post out of anger.  Dakoto Macmiller, commented “No one really read the whole thing. We were taught to always read the whole thing in school but it went right out the window.” Although the majority of the comments criticized the comment without properly reading through, it is still a welcome development.

There have been more persons speaking out for women breastfeeding in public spaces. In fact, some people have argued that breastfeeding should be done privately and compared it to a sexual and private activity. However, others have argued that breastfeeding is a natural activity, a mother does not decide when her child needs to feed.

In Africa, women breastfeed in public without backlash. In fact, when your child starts to fuss, you will be encouraged by people around to feed him or her. When a child is not fed when needed, it can cause an adverse effect on your breast milk supply. This Facebook users prank on breastfeeding in public might have gone wrong, but it started a necessary conversation on why women should be allowed to feed their babies whenever they need arises without being criticized.

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Lydia Ume