Ghana Don Enta Number 2 Among Kontri Wey Get Plenti Women Entrepreneurs

Ghana Don Enta Number 2 Among Kontri Wey Get Plenti Women Entrepreneurs

Di Mastercard Index Of Women Entrepreneurs don tell us di best places for dis world to be woman entrepreneur.

Ghana don cari second for di world ranking wey Mastercard do. Di ranking na to sabi which kontri get women entrepreneurs pass for dis world. Dem dey call am Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs (MIWE).


Na evri year Di Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs (MIWE) dey give us informate about di progress of woman dem wey dey do bizness. Dis year, dem come see say 4 out of evri 10 business owner for Ghana be woman. And naim be di highest for di world after Uganda.

Di Sub-Saharan contri wey cari top 10 for di world woman bizness ownership be:

  • Uganda (rank 1)
  • Botswana (rank 3)
  • Malawi (rank 7)
  • Angola (rank 9)

About Di Women Entrepreneurs Report Wey Ghana Cari Second

women entrepreneurs

Na 58 kontri wey di report assess for di world. Plenty challenges dey, wey woman dey face. But na still woman dem dey open successful business pass anybodi. Some of di challenge wey woman biznes dey face for sub-Saharan Africa be:

  • low internet connection
  • dem no dey see technology
  • dem no see money for capital
  • culture and social wahala wey dey disturb woman

But all dis challenge no stop African woman o, she dey hustle dey go. She dey start her own bizness with determination. And na di same thing with di men of Africa. Dem dey folow dey hustle.

Di report tok say e dey show as women fit contribute to economics and society if di challenges dem no dey again ; and if di systems for society done good.

Push factors

women entrepreneurs

Dem Mastercard notice say for Ghana and di oda sub-Saharan kontri dem, na condition dey make di women entrepreneurs start business. Especially for Ghana, Botswana, Russia, Malawi, Angola and Brazil. For dis kontri dem, na 4 out of 10 entrepreneurs start biznes becos of condition.

Di report tok say Ghana woman dem dey progress well well, especially for di area of labour force. Dem get 89 percent participation. And dem dey do pass man for biznes. Dem come still get rank for bizness leadership.

Na becos dem dey do well for all dis areas so, na im make dem kari second position for di world for woman wey dey do biznes. Di report praise dem well well sake of say dem dey do all dis busines even as tins no dey go well for dia contri.

Ghana Don Enta Number 2 Among Kontri Wey Get Plenti Women Entrepreneurs

Dem compare Ghana to oda kontri like Malawi, Uganda, and Angola. Wey e be say Ghana women dem get bank account pass dem. Becos dem dey do biznes pass dem. For example, nearly 40 percent of woman for Ghana get account for bank compared to only 20% for Angola, Malawi, and Nigeria.

Now wey you know say Ghana dey support women entrepreneurs, you fit pack go dia if you like biznes.


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