How Yu Fit Work From Home Despite Naija Factors

How Yu Fit Work From Home Despite Naija Factors

So many pipo don come join dose wen dey work from house for naija. E fit dey new to some pipo, but na normal thing to odas. Certain factors dey determine how yu go sabi work from house.  Some na things wen yu fit kontrol, while yu go need to sabi how to tackle di odas. E betta make yu realize sey, wia will dey, solution must come out.

Two moms dey tell dia tori how dem manage work from house for naija successfulli. We hope sey e go encourage yu, make yu sef fit adapt well.

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How to work from house: Temitayo share her tori

As person wen don work from house reach 10 years now, see some useful tips from my experience.

Plan your Time: Now all di time to yursef again, so e dey important make yu dey effective, especialli wen yu dey around dem. To work from house dey take plenti discipline, especialli wen yu get pipo around yu. Wetin yu fit do?

Yu need to replan yur work time to wen yur shidren don sleep. And if dat one no dey possible, learn to leave instructions. Make yu learn how to work with di noise all di same. E fit dey hard but we need to adapt to wetin we get.


Dey Prepared: Yes, yu read am correct. No, I no dey talk about dat panic buying of toilet roll wen we see for some kontiri. Since yu get plenti mouth to feed, yu need to buy raw foodstuffs.

In addition to dis, yu need to settle oda needs like electriciti, so yu go still fit work despite di lockdown. Yu go dey inside more, and yu no go wan commot unless yu no fit avoid am. Make sure sey as yu dey commot, virus no dey follow yu enta house back.  So,get yur  hygiene plan to stop virus make e no enta through yur door. Dis one apply to yu and yur visitors.

Yu need mental energy to take dey prepared. Time go dey wen all yur emotions go don drain, and yu need to take time off before di stress go worri yu. So make yu prepare yur mind for di journey wen dey front.

How Yu Fit Work From Home Despite Naija Factors

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Technologi to di Rescue: If yu been dey run from technologi before, yu no fit run again. As you need am for work, so yu fit connect to oda pipo from yur house. Yu fit even need am to keep yur shidren occupied. Different applications dey wen fit educate and entertain dem while yu dey try work.


No Panic: Di best way to fit approach dis situation wen di whole world dey struggle with na make yu no panic. Panic be like virus, e no dey make any thing betta, instead e go make yu feel helpless about di situation. No fear. Read about di virus. Undastand am, make yu protect yursef. If yur pikin get cough, carri am go see doktor-dey careful-avoid wia get plenti pipo. No forget to protect yu and yur shidren. Use soap and water take wash yur hand well.

How Yu Fit Work From Home Despite Naija Factors

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Have fun: We sabi sey e dey hard, but unless yu want make boredom finish efiri bodi, na now yu need to dey inventive. Organize games wen dem fit play inside. Read bed time tori give dem. Buy different kine hand and brain games.

E dey important make yu start to share work give efiri bodi. Una fit get fun with washing of plates. No worri, yu fit rinse dem again. Dem go soon dey used to doing things. Some of dem fit dey messy, but yu fit keep dem busy while yu go do yur work.

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Ebun dey work for office, now she don sabi remote job. See her tori

Wetin yu need: If yu go dey work with yur office from house, yu need internet wen dey good, generator, plenti fuel, applications wen dey secure and workspace. Above all, trust must dey between compani and employee and yu must dey disciplined join.

Deal with distraction: I like to dey secluded wen I dey work. So I dey close door, pay for extra data so I go dey safe side, and tell efiri body wen dey house make dem no disturb me unless e dey urgent. I dey veri strict with my kids wen I dey tell dem dis one. Once I hear sey dia request no dey urgent, I dey scold dem join sef if di need dey.

Deal with electricity supply and data: I dey try use office internet take download any heavy file wen I know sey I go need and I go pause syncing of files so e fit save me data.

If electriciti supply no dey from PHCN, I dey use inverter den switch go generator. All appliances wen need charging go dey on wen generator dey run. Den I go work for some hours while I dey wait make dem restore electriciti.

To keep mysef focused, I get to-do list and calenda to remind me about meetings. And I get my cup of coffee.

Written By Syreeta Akinyede

Translated By Anino Aganbi

Written by

Anino Aganbi