Have you tried wraparound sex?

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Many couples are finding new ways to spice things up in the bedroom. To rekindle the fire that existed during the honeymoon phase, these couples have to incorporate different creative and exciting rituals. The trending ingredient isn’t just regular date nights out; it’s wraparound sex.

wraparound sex

“Wraparound sex is an exciting discovery for me and my spouse,” says Nikky Fatona MD, a sexologist and fertility specialist at Lagos State Teaching Hospital. “When you’ve been married for a decade, it is easy for sex to become a chore. Couples ought to maintain that enthralling sexual experience they had in the beginning.”

One of the great things about sex is that it allows for creativity. If you’re open to trying out things, you’ll find that there is a variety of sex positions for every couple. Relationship experts recommend that couples should explore every inch of their partner’s body; this is likely to improve the quality of their sex lives and to make each experience feel novel.

The famous wraparound position is one of those titillating positions. Like the name suggests couples who engage in this position literally wrap themselves together making it difficult to know where one partner’s skin stops and another begins.

A step-by-step guide to having great wraparound sex

Some people have referred to the wraparound sex position as an alternative to the woman on top position. The two positions certainly have one thing in common. In both positions, the woman stays on top.

To achieve the wraparound position, the man starts by sitting on the bed, floor, mat or any flat surface and then stretches his legs. The woman then climbs on top of him and wraps her legs around his back, sometimes locking her legs around his waist. The woman then moves up and down, or side to side as the man controls her speed.

wraparound sex

5 reasons why this sex position rocks

1. It’s simply hot, hot, hot!

In terms of having a wild, highly erotic sex, nothing beats the wraparound sex position. The deep penetration and deep kissing coupled with the face-to-face access of each other’s body can lead to intense orgasm for both partners.

“Sex positions that provide the opportunity for couples to grind against each other can be highly erotic,” says Dr Nikky Fatona. “The woman enjoys the deep penetration, plus the both of you can heighten things up by kissing throughout. He gets easy access to her breasts so he can do even more to guide her to an earth-shattering orgasm.”

2. Intimacy

Wraparound promotes holding, smooching, kissing and grinding against each other: All positions that promote intimacy between partners.
“This style is arguably the most erotic of positions in the Kama Sutra,” says Nikky Fatona MD. “Very few positions give couples so much access to each other’s bodies.”

3. Control

The wraparound sex position allows both partners to exercise some kind of control during sex. For the woman this position lets her stay on top.

“When the woman straddles the man by wrapping her legs around him, she feels powerful. The sense of euphoria increases the tingling sensations that help her reach orgasm,” says Dr Nikki Fatona. “The man, on the other hand, can hold the woman in a bid to control her pace and movements.”

4. Deep penetration

The wraparound sex position allows the couple to achieve deep penetration. This way the man’s penis can access deep spots, especially the G-spot, which promotes intense stimulation and orgasms.

5. Helps Couples forge a stronger bond

Couples are never closer to each other than when they are having sex. The wraparound sex, which is a face-to-face position allows for a lot of touching and kissing which creates a deep bonding between the couple.

“Wraparound allows couples to maximize their sexual experiences together,” says Dr Nikky Fatona. “When couples enjoy having sex with each other, they feel closer and more connected.”

Final words

Rekindle the fire in your sex life by experimenting with the wraparound position. Jettison the boring and traditional missionary position, for now. And if your partner seems reluctant, encourage him/her to give the wraparound a try. Spicing things a little never hurt anyone.

Explore the wraparound position and grind your way to sexual satisfaction and ecstasy.

Resource: Cosmopolitan UK

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Julie Adeboye