Housewife fakes kidnap to raise money for husband

Housewife fakes kidnap to raise money for husband

The Nigeria Police Force, Kwara State Command, has arrested Mrs. Yemi Samuel for staging her own kidnap. The suspect, a housewife residing in Kabba, Kogi State, allegedly faked her kidnap as a way of raising funds for her husband. The Yemi Samuel fake kidnap saga is similar to another kidnap case in the state.

yemi samuel fake kidnap

The Yemi Samuel fake kidnap case and the other attempted kidnap case

The case is not the only one currently being handled by the Command. Three men were also arrested for the same offences on the charges of criminal intimidation and conspiracy. Yemi Samuel’s fake kidnap case is similar to that of 21-year-old Maude Umaru, 27-year-old Jenmo Usman, and 25-year-old Iliashu Mohammed.

These men are suspected Fulani herdsmen who threatened to kidnap Sarafu Yusuf, their employer, if he didn’t give them the sum of N2 million. The police are reporting that this threat happened over the phone.

The Yemi Samuel fake kidnap crime: how it happened

According to the Kwara State Commissioner of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, the Mrs. Yemi Samuel fake kidnap case happened in Kogi State. The suspect went into hiding at her parents’ house after making claims that she had been kidnapped by an unknown gang. While hiding out at her family home, she made demands for the sum of N5 million as a ransom. She later negotiated and reduced the ransom to N1 million.

CP Egbetokun also confirmed that the husband was able to raise N500, 000. He reportedly gathered the money and took it to Kabba/Bunnu Local Government in Kogi State. However, unknown to the suspect, the police were tracking the movement of the money, which led to the arrest of the suspect Mrs. Yemi Samuel in Ilorin.

Housewife fakes kidnap to raise money for husband

Speaking on the issue, CP Egbetokun had this to say:

“The Mrs. Yemi Samuel fake kidnap plot was hatched by the suspect. She left her home and went to her parents’ home to hide, while claiming that kidnappers had grabbed her from her house while she was doing chores. She claimed to have been taken to an unknown place and demanded a ransom for her release.”

“She claimed that her kidnappers didn’t want to talk to anyone on the phone for fear that their voices would be recognized. After some back and forth negotiations, she called back and said that they were willing to reduce the ransom to N1 million.”

How the police arrested the suspect

According to CP Egbetokun, the husband was able to raise N500, 000 with the help of family and friends. She directed that the money be taken to a location of her choosing in Iluke Town. SIB Kwara operatives, who had been tracking both the calls and the money, swooped in and arrested the suspect.

Who is Mrs. Yemi Samuel?

The suspect graduated with a degree in mathematics. She lives in Kabba with her husband. According to her, she staged the kidnap because she wanted to help her husband raise money from friends and members of their family.

“I knew everyone would contribute money to help him rescue me,” she said.

The other kidnap case

The three other suspects allegedly threatened to kidnap their boss if he didn’t give them the N2 million they requested. CP Egberokun said that the suspects called their boss to make the request. They threatened to kidnap and kill him if he didn’t comply.

Their boss, Sarafa Yusuf, made an arrangement with the police which saw to the arrest of the three men. He worked alongside the police to arrange for a drop-off location near the Iyana Eleja junction close to Idofian.

Speaking on the Yemi Samuel fake kidnap case and the case of the three men, CP Egberokun said:

“From our investigations, we found out that Jenmo Usman, one of the staff members of the complainant’s company, went to the drop-off point to pick up the money the same day it was dropped off. The Police immediately stepped in and arrested him.

After he was taken into custody, he named his accomplices Iliasu Mohammed and maude Umaru, who were also employed by the complainant.

Egbetokun has said that the suspects will be charged to court after investigations into both cases have been wrapped up.

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Julie Adeboye