You're Raising Your Child To Become Unsuccessful! Here's How.

You're Raising Your Child To Become Unsuccessful! Here's How.

Several aspects of unhealthy parenting have adverse effects on the children. You are sabotaging your child's future success if you're too busy to spend time with them. If you leave parenting to his teachers, you're doing more harm than good.

Your parenting style has a huge impact on your child's growth and development. The success or lack thereof of an adult can be traced all the way back to the way he was raised. Parenting is a strong indication of whether your child will end up successful in the future. You are sabotaging your child's future if  you're an absent parent, or if you leave your child's learning and growth to teachers and care givers. You may be doing the child more harm than good, in the long run.

The Center for Parenting Education established in a study that parents greatly influence their children's attitudes, positively or negatively. Your style of parenting  is thus really important. It forecasts your child's performance in the field of psychosocial development, business development, academic performance, social competence and problem behaviour.

Here's How You Are Sabotaging  Your Child's Future Success

Not Paying Enough Attention

You're Raising Your Child To Become Unsuccessful! Here's How.

Some parents in a study, have revealed that their  biggest regret regarding their children's early years was spending too much time at work. Other regrets included: spending too much time away from them; not playing with them; among others.

Another research from Boston Medical Center also found out that Parents with smartphones ignored their kids. Leaving children to the care of nannies and house helps in their most delicate stage does more harm to the child than good. Most of these children grow up without proper guidance and direction. They then learn about behaviours from their peers and the immediate environment. The bad news is that most of these behaviours learned from peers and the immediate environment are more often than not, negative behaviors that go a long way to negatively affect the children later in life.

A Strict Religion

You're Raising Your Child To Become Unsuccessful! Here's How.

Some parents believe that daily committing their children to God in prayer is enough for their moral growth. The truth is that children need more than prayers and religious involvement to grow up to become responsible adults.

In several instances, children of religious leaders have issues with depression, while many of them denounce the faith. Religious activities should be backed up by proper discipline and guidance to help your child become a responsible adult in the future.

Do As I Say Not Do As I Do

You're Raising Your Child To Become Unsuccessful! Here's How.

You cannot be a badly behaved parent and expect good behaviour from your child. Much of parenting is leading, teaching and caring by example. Don't expect good behaviour from your children if you haven't been exhibiting good behaviour around them.

Teaching one thing and doing another tells a child that you are insincere. It also makes your kid believe that the things you request them to do are not important. Your child will do as you do, whether you tell them to or not. Begin to parent by example.

Protecting Your Kids From Failure

You're Raising Your Child To Become Unsuccessful! Here's How.

Shielding a child from distress and failure is not a good idea. If a child is not trained to accept failure, they will toil to handle stress when they become an adult. A little disappointment can sometimes benefit your child. Just be sure you teach him how to cope with failure and how to recover from it.

A child who is not skilled at managing setbacks will likely be pathetic and give in almost immediately pressure mounts. Children need to recognize that failing isn’t such a terrible thing provided they give their best effort.

Lack Of Trust

You're Raising Your Child To Become Unsuccessful! Here's How.

There are children who live in fear or distrust of their parents. This distrust often transforms into defiance, aggressiveness, and hyperactivity as they grow into adults.

If you frequently make promises to your children, only to break said promise, you risk losing trust with your child.

If you constantly tell your child to trust you, but then you go angry when it is not something you want to hear, he won't trust you next time. He will go to his peers, where he risks bad advice that can lead to damning consequences in the future.

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Resource: Thrive Global

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