Girl Found Dead In Delta Hotel Room After Checking In With Boys

Girl Found Dead In Delta Hotel Room After Checking In With Boys

A yet-to-be-identified girl has been reported dead in Delta state. The corpse was found three days after she was allegedly gang-raped in a hotel room.

A yet-to-be-identified girl has been reported dead in Delta state. This comes three days after some boys allegedly gang-raped her in a hotel room in Amukpe community in Sapele, Sapele Local Government Area of Delta State. The remains of the deceased was already decomposing when staff found it under the bed in the said hotel on Monday August 19.

It was learnt that the deceased girl was severally raped to death by some boys who brought her to the hotel three days before she was found dead. The boys reportedly hid her remains under the bed and checked out of the hotel.

The offensive odour in the hotel attracted the management. They eventually invited the Police to report that a lady died in one of the rooms. Swinging into action, the police evacuated and deposited the corpse in a morgue and shutdown the hotel.

When contacted for comments, the Delta State Commissioner of Police, CP Adeyinka Adeleke confirmed the report. According to him, “It is true a lady died in a hotel in Sapele. I don’t know what killed her.”

This report is according to the DAILY POST.

This is only one of a great many incidences of rape, and abduction in the country. While this lady is dead in Delta state, other victims have turned up in different parts of the country. The police has also nabbed countless suspects across the country.

In view of the increasing spate of rape incidences across the country, it is now important to teach teenage kids to be safe. This begins with choosing their friends carefully. It also includes being mindful of where they go and ensuring that they always tell you where they're going and who with. Here are some tips on how to teach safety to your teenage kids.

Teaching Your Teenage Kids Safety

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This a tricky time, because you're loosening the reins and teaching your teenagers independence. However, it is your responsibility, as parents, to safeguard your children and to teach them the skills they need to be safe. It's also your duty to set rules and guidelines that will ensure their safety, so that they don't turn up dead in Delta state or anywhere else.

Things You Should Tell Your Teens About Going Out

  1. DON’T GO OUT ALONE. There is safety in numbers. This rule isn’t just for little kids, it applies to teens, too.
  2. ALWAYS TELL AN ADULT WHERE YOU’RE GOING. Letting someone know where you’ll be at all times is smart. If you’re faced with a risky situation or get into trouble, your family and friends will know where to find you.
  3. SAY NO IF YOU FEEL THREATENED. If someone—anyone—touches you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, you have the right to say no. Whether it is pressure about sex, drugs, or doing something that you know is wrong, be strong and stand your ground.

Things You Should Tell Them About Staying Home Alone

  1. Check out the house before entering.
  2. Go to a safe place to call for help if something doesn’t seem right.
  3. Lock the door.
  4. Call your mom or dad when you get home to let them know you’re safe.
  5. Never tell callers that your parents aren’t home.
  6. Instead say that he or she can’t come to the phone and offer to take a message.
  7. Don’t open the door for or talk to anyone who comes to your home unless that person is a trusted family friend or relative and your mom or dad has said it is okay.

Resource: Daily Post

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