Yur 6 Years 3 Months Old Pikin Development And Milestones

Yur 6 Years 3 Months Old Pikin Development And Milestones

Plenti things dey wen yur 6 years 3 months old pikin fit do!

While some difference fit dey wen e reach matter of 6 years old pikin development, e still get some kine things wen dey common. One of dese kine things wen dey common with 6 years 3 months pikin na sey play na important factor. Wia play dey come dey complex na wia shidren dey gada efiri thing wen dem fit as dem dey follow oda shidren take play.

D thing wen common pass among 6 years 3 months old pikin na make dem do pretend play. Na now dem go start to get standard role- girls go pretend to be mama while di boys, papas. E dey full of drama and fantasy.

Make una wen be parents sabi sey efiri thing wen dey hia na just guideline. No forget to call yur doktor if e get any thing wen yu wan know  about di way wen yur pikin dey take develop.

Make we see di milestones wen yur 6 years 3 months old pikin fit don reach.

6 Years 3 Months Old Pikin Development and Milestones: Shey Yur Pikin Dey On Track?

play is an important factor for a child's growth at 6 years 3 months old

Physical Development

Yur 6 years 3 months old pikin don dey ova active pass before. Dose him large and small muscles dem don come dey refine, na im make him balance and coordination dey kampe. Di fact sey  yur pikin no just fit stay one place weda he dey sleep abi he dey watch TV dey new to yu? No worri yur self, dat one na normal thing.

As yur pikin take small reach, he don dey get interest for football. Dis one na betta opportunity make yu introduce different kine sports give yur pikin.

Yur pikin fine moto skills don dey improve. Dis one na betta news as e go make am dey show sey he dey independent and he go start to do him/her zip/button and go fit comb hair join.

For dis age, yur pikin average height and weight* na:

  • Boys
    – Height: 117.3 cm (46.2 inches)
    – Weight: 21.4 kg (47.1 lb)
  • Girls
    – Height: 116.7 cm (46.0 inches)
    – Weight: 20.9 kg (46.2 lb)

Make we look oda physical development wen yur 6 years 3 months old pikin get:

  • Sabi ride bike
  • Dey balance on top one leg for short time.
  • Dey use heel to toe take waka
  • Fit waka go downstairs without assistance.
  • Don sabi tie shoe lace.
  • Dey use zip and button.
  • Dey brush hair.
  • Don dey skip and sabi catch ball wen big
  • Sabi draw pishure of person wen get head, eye, mouth with nose.
  • Use pencil take draw shape
  • Write him own name

Yur pikin still dey find am hard to use knife take cut food, but he like to dey learn am.

Parenting Tips:
  • Encourage yur pikin make he dey waka. Allow am make he play di sport wen he like with him mates dem.
  • If yu get di money, make yur pikin go do swimming or fire safety training.
  • Pikin wen dey dis age dey sabi complain sey belle, head or leg dey pain am. Wen e happen like dat, no use am take play make emergenci no go happen.
Wen Yu Fit Follow Doktor Talk:

If yu think sey yur 6 years 3 months old pikin no dey catch up with him mates, no worri, make yu check for di following:

  • Weda yur pikin dey lose skill wen he been get. Carri am go hospita if yu notice dat kine thing.
  • If yur pikin no dey piss for bed before and he come start.
  • If yur pikin no dey fit sleep.

child cognitive development and milestone

Cognitive Development

Yur 6 years 3 months old pikin don sabi pay attention to something for long time, especialli for house and school.  No be onli dat one o, yur pikin don sabi wetin today, tomorrow and yesterday be. He/she go try to dey pronounce some words weda he don see am before or not. He fit dey try to read small small by himself.  Now yur pikin don dey undastand sey efiri bodi dey see things him own way and e go help quick make new friends.

Make yu look out for dese development:

  • Sabi how to count
  • Fit tell yu difference between day/night and left/right.
  • Dey curious about efiri thing.
  • Him thoughts don dey complex small
  • Sabi wetin dey right or wrong.
  • Fit tell yu wetin time dey talk
  • Fit repeat three numba from back.
  • Dey focus for school work reach 15 minutes
Parenting Tips:

Na common thing if yur pikin follow him friends get disagreement. Na yu wen be adult go fit use love correct di way wen he dey think.

Wen Yu Fit Follow Doktor Talk:
  • Once yur pikin don dey show some kine behavior wen yu no like.
  • Be like sey he wan dey withdraw or be like who wan get depression.
  • Na efiri time he dey chewing gum yu.
  • No fit follow instruction wen get two side.

6 years 3 months old pikin

Social & Emotional Development

Yur 6 years 3 months old pikin don sabi express himself. But he go need help to fit deal with wen he dey jealous/frustrated.

Yur pikin go don sabi control wen he dey sad/vex. He go try show sey he fit do things by himself, and fit come do wetin dey dangerous. Pikin wen dey dis age still dey learn wetin dem fit do and wetin dey acceptable. So dem go try do things wen go show dem wia boundary dey.

Na some milestone wen yur pikin suppose don achieve be dis:

  • Don dey sabi cooperate/share him things.
  • Dey develop new skills and him attention span don increase.
  • Sabi wetin e mean to be team playa for game.
  • Fit tell yu wetin happen from A-Z: thing wen dey dia mind even as d way wen dem dey take follow dia friend play dey increase.
  • Don dey get plenti patience, and go dey more open to hia wetin yu dey talk.
Parenting Tips:
  • Follow yur pikin talk about matta wen dey hard weda na peer pressure, violence, drug abuse or sexuality.
  • Find way to take ansa him question wen no go put fear for him mind.
  • Allow yur pikin choose di kine sport/game wen he wan play.
  • Help yur pikin build him self esteem.
  • Teach yur pikin how dem dey take do small small work for house.
  • Allow yur pikin follow him mates dem play.
  • Follow yur pikin talk about wetin dey him mind.
Wen Yu Fit Follow Doktor Talk:
  • If yur pikin too quiet/shy wen he close from school, e fit be becos dem dey bully am.
  • If he dey aggressive.

6 years 3 months old pikin

Speech and Language Development

Wen yur pikin don reach 6 years 3 months old, he get plenti word to talk even wen yu no dey dia. Him brain dey think quick pass wetin he dey talk.

Even wen yur pikin don dey use sentence wen dey complete and complex, e go still hard am to describe some kine things give yu.

For school, yur pikin go like wen dem dey do show and tell. And e no hard am to undastand some kine riddles/jokes.

Oda speech and language milestone wen yur 6 years 3 months old pikin fit don reach na :

  • Sabi reach 5-10 new words efiri day
  • Dey use simple sentence take talk.
  • Fit undastand three different instruction wen yu give am once.
  • Dey undastand sey some words get pass one meaning.
  • Dey read correct book for him age
  • Dey sabi words wen he neva hia before.
Parenting Tips:
  • Go sabi pipo wen dey take care of yur pikin for school.
  • Read give yur pikin, and allow am make he read give yu back.
  • Help yur pikin for him home work, but onli if yu sure sey he need yur help.
  • Teach yur pikin how he go behave for class.
  • Follow yur pikin talk about wetin he like.

Wen Yu Fit Follow Doktor Talk:

Dey check weda yur 6 years 3 months old pikin dey slack for dese areas:

  • Dey find am hard to read or get oda sign sey he dey disable.
  • If e get wetin dey worry am like sey dem dey bully am
  • Dey show sign of stress or small mental problem

No forget to dey calm if anything dey.

6 years 3 months old pikin

Health and Nutrition: Your 6 years 3 months old

Na betta thing wen yur pikin dey do exercise. If yu want make yur pikin weight dey healthy, allow am do 60 minutes exercise. E go dey good if yu make yur pikin enjoy fruits/ vegetables instead make yu just dey keep him weight healthy.

After all, di betta thing wen yu fit do for yur pikin na make yu sef dey chop well and do exercise.


  • Buy food wen be 100% full grain instead of di one wen dem make with full grain as dem fit don mix am.
  • If yu dey chop meat of oda food wen get iron, chop am with food wen get Vitamin C like potato or tomato
  • No heap yur pikin plate once.
Na wetin pikin wen dey dis age dey chop efiri day be dis:

Di guideline wen dem recommend for  6 years old pikin diet na  1,200 calories wen include different kind food wen get nutrient value.

Calorie intake for boys and girls wen dey dis age na:

  • Boys: 1,773 Kcal/day
  • Girls: 1,664 Kcal/day
Dairy group

Dairy products na one betta nutrient group for pikin wen dey grow for dis age. Yur pikin need  2.5 cups of milk or yoghurt efiri day.

Yu fit put milk for any food wen yur pikin dey chop. Yu fit put cheese for yur pikin sandwich or use am with cracker!

Protein group

For pikin wen dey dis age,  CDC sey make dem take 19 grams of protein efiri day. For pikin wen sabi select food, no worri! Oda kine protein dey wen dem dey like so make yu discova yur pikin own.

Fruit and vegetable group

Na now be di time wen yu fit use food take experiment. Yur pikin need  1 cup of fruit and 1.5 cups of vegetable to take balance am out.


Introduce food wen dem use grain take make give yur pikin. He need 4 ounces of grain efiri day. E fit be corn flakes, or one slice of bread or half cup of pasta wen yu cook. Reduce di amount of refined grain wen yu dey give am like bread, rice etc.

To make efiri thing short, na wetin yur pikin need be dis. Read up for di amount wen yu need:

  • Fruits: three cup for boys; three cups for girls
  • Vegetables: two cups for boys; two cups for girls
  • Grains: four ounces for boys; four ounces for girls
  • Proteins: 36g for boys; 36g for girls
  • Milk: 17-20 ounces for boys; 17-20 ounces for girls
  • Water: 1500 ml for boys; 1500 ml for girls (around six cups)


  • Make yur pikin dey chop fruit and vegetable as snacks. Yu fit wash yur fruit well, cut am put on top fridge wia dem go see am.
  • Give yur pikin salad chop.
  • Try tofu and oda kine vegetable as protein instead of meat.
Wen Yu Fit Follow Doktor Talk:
  • Dey unda/ova weight
  • Get rashes, lumps or wound
  • feva wen high pass 39 degrees Centigrade

Vaccinations and Common Sickness

Yur pikin don take almost all him vaccine by now. Ask yur doktor for common ones wen yur pikin still need.

Di more time wen yur pikin dey spend for school, he fit catch common colds and the flu. Make yu look weda rashes dey him bodi. Encourage yur pikin make he fit tell yu weda him bodi dey do am one kine.

E dey veri important make parents sabi sey efiri pikin no dey grow di same way. Each pikin dey unique for him own way. All dese milestone na just to fit guide yu, no be make yu force am on top yur pikin o!

Treat Common Sickness

To fit manage di three common sickness wen pikin dey get like cold, feva and cough, make yu try di following:

  • To treat feva: If yur temperature don reach 38°C (100.4°F), yu fit try some remedi wen yu go make for house.  Use water wen warm take clean yur pikin bodi especialli wen di temperature don pass 39 degree C.
    No wear cloth wen heavy for yur pikin. Make sure sey he chop well and drink plenti water. If e no work, carri am go see doktor. Abeg no use aspirin take treat pikin as e fit turn to wetin yu no expect wen go affect liver and brain.
  • To treat cough: Give am half spoon of honey wen dark becos na im get anti-oxidant. Or make yu give yur pikin water wen warm with lemon and honey inside am or juice wen warm.
  • To treat cold: Cold suppose stop by e self afta some days. But if e no stop, make yu try some house remedy. Use pillow or towel wen yu fold take raise yur pikin head. E go make am breathe easy.

E dey important make yu sabi sey even as yu fit buy medicine wen yu no get prescription from doktor, e good make yu try some home remedi once di matter no too serious like dat. For example, give pikin wen get cold/cough warm thing make he drink.

Na even betta thing make yu teach yur pikin how to wash hand, make disease no go spread.

Wen Yu Fit Follow Doktor Talk

If yur pikin,

  • Feva pass 39 degrees Celsius
  • Get some kine bumps/wound/rashes wen yu no fit explain.
  • Dey always complain of headache or oda aches.
  • Dey vomit or pudge pass two days.

Reference: WebMD

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Sources: Webmd, Kidshealth, MSF

Republished with permission from theAsianparent

Translated by Anino Aganbi

Written by

Anino Aganbi