Yur 6 Years 5 Months Old Pikin Development And Milestones

Yur 6 Years 5 Months Old Pikin Development And Milestones

Your little one is now a big kid!

E just be like yesterday wen na onli yu be di person yur pikin rely on for efiri thing. But now, yur smalli don dey grow o! Yur 6 years 5 months old pikin dey make plenti progress.

As yur pikin dey go school so, he go adjust wen yu no dey around am. Sometimes, even if yur pikin wan show sey he/she sabi do somethings by him/hersef, he/she go still need more attention from yu wen yu dey house.

See some milestones yur pikin suppose don reach by now.

As parents, undastand sey all dese na just guideline wen yu fit follow. Yur pikin dey grow for him own pace, and if yu see any sign sey he no dey develop well, quick go see doktor.

6 Years 5 Months Old Pikin Development and Milestones: Shey Yur Pikin Dey On Track?

physical development at 6 years 5 months old

Physical Development

By now, yur pikin average weight and height suppose be:

  • Boys
    – Height: 118.3 cm (46.6 inches)
    – Weight: 21.8 kg (48 lb)
  • Girls
    – Height: 117.9 cm (46.4 inches)
    – Weight: 21.4 kg (47.1 lb)

Yur 6 years 5 months old pikin go wan know wetin him height be. Yur pikin don dey confident for things wen he/she fit do, so he/she fit try dangerous stunts just to show him/hersef.  Relax yur mind, becos na normal thing and e dey show di way wen yur pikin take dey grow.

Pikin wen dey dis age need avenue to burn all di energi wen dey di body even if yu go shout plenti.

Yu go see sey yur pikin hand-eye coordination skills don realli improve. He/she don betta for some physical activiti. He go start to feel pain for different part of him/her bodi. Once yur pikin don too complain about one particular pain, abeg carri am go see doktor.

Yur pikin suppose don dey do di following:

  • Start to write letters
  • Paint pishure wen dey realistic
  • Use skipping rope by her/himsef.
  • Fit do cartwheel.
  • Sabi how to ride bicycle.
  • Throw  ball
  • Start to lose baby teeth
  • Give yur pikin time to play efiriday.
  • If yu get money, go enrol yur pikin for swimming class.
  • Encourage yur pikin make he/she practice some things wen he/she like to do.
  • Teach yur pikin exercise/sports wen una fit do togeda.
Wen yu fit follow doktor talk:

If yur pikin:

  • Dey lose skills wen he/she been get before.
  • No fit wear cloth by him/hersef.
  • Dey find am hard to sleep for night.
  • Don start to piss for bed again.

6 Years 5 Months Old

Cognitive Development

Yur pikin cognitive skill dey grow as he dey develop. Since wen he enta school, yu go notice sey yur pikin dey rememba instructions and fit focus long for single task.

Him/her kuriositi go kontinu to dey develop and e go make am fit follow pipo get meaningful conversation. E dey normal if he/she start to ask question becos he/she wan undastand things wen dey happen around am.

See some things wen yu fit notice for yur pikin cognitive development:

If yur pikin:

  • Fit rememba reach three separate instructions
  • Fit draw his/her way commot for maze
  • Don dey copy complex shapes like diamond
  • Dey ask purposeful questions
  • Fit count three numbas from back.
  • Encourage yur pikin make he ask question.
  • Give yur pikin opportuniti to sabi things wen new.
  • Identifi new opportuniti wen fit challenge yur pikin.
Wen yu fit follow doktor talk

If yur pikin:

  • Dey find am hard to complete simple sentence.
  • No fit follow instructions.
  • Get difficulti to recognize him name.
  • Dey aggressive with oda shidren.

making friends and being social at 6yrs 5 months old

Social and Emotional Development

Yur 6 years 5 months old pikin value oda pipo opinion now. He/she dey learn how to follow oda pipo cooperate and share him/her things. As yur smalli dey make new friends, yu go see sey boys go play with boys while girls go follow girls play. Dis na normal thing while dem dey discova common grounds wen dem get.

As yur pikin dey go through different friendship, he/she dey learn how to use him/her words, especialli wen e reach feelings. While yur pikin fit still dey learn to share him feelings with oda pipo, e no dey uncommon if yu hear one odd white lie.

Yur pikin suppose don achieve some of dese milestones by dis age:

  • Fit play by himsef/hersef but like to follow oda pipo play.
  • Dey copy wetin adults do
  • Play with friends wen be him genda.
  • Like to play board game.
  • Dey show off him/her talents.
  • Get self-control
  • No dey get plenti emotional outbursts.
  • Talk to yur pikin for ways wen he/she fit undastand if dem dey bully am, touch am for impropa way.
  • Reduce time for screen so e no go affect oda things.
  • Put parental control for phones, computer and TV so yur pikin no go dey exposed to adult content.
  • Allow yur pikin make him/her choice about things to do.
  • Involve yur pikin for house chores.
Wen yu fit follow doktor talk:
If yur pikin
  • Dey shy or dey show sign or bullying.
  • Isolate himsef from oda shidren.

Speech and Language Development

Yur pikin fit confidentli follow adults and him mates talk. For dis age, yur 6 years 5 months old pikin don dey get love for reading. He go want make yu read to am, and go try read give yu back. So make yu dey nurture him love for books as e go help am increase him vocabulari.

Other speech and language milestones yur pikin suppose don reach:

Yur pikin

  • Go don dey notice sey some words get pass one meaning
  • Dey appreciate jokes
  • Use complete sentence wen he dey talk
  • Read books for him age
  • Tell tori wen he dey inside
  • Learn more words
  • Dey undastand punctuation marks and how to use capital letters for sentence.
  • Establish relationship with yur pikin teachers, so dem go dey give yu progress report.
  • Find time read give yur pikin.
  • Guide yur pikin wen he dey do home work. Allow am make him own mistakes.
  • Give yur pikin instructions wen get pass one step, e go help am develop him focus and attention.
  • Use different ways take describe events.
  • Tell jokes wen go show how words take get different meanings.

Wen yu fit follow doktor talk:

If yu see sey yur pikin don dey fall for certain areas:

  • Dey find am hard to read short sentence.
  • Stammer plenti.
  • No dey like to talk.

continue to give your child a balanced diet with essential nutrients and minerals

Health and Nutrition

Yur 6 years 5 months old pikin dey grow for all di ways wen dey important. To make sure sey he/she dey develop for healthi way, give yur pikin food wen get all di nutrition and minerals.

although yur pikin need enough exercise, he still need di correct food wen go fuel him body. So make yu lead by example. Show yur pikin wetin healthi eating be like!


  • Find grains wen be "100% whole grains" instead of di ones wen dem write "made with whole grains.
  • Reduce di quantiti wen yur pikin dey chop. Instead give am second one if he still dey hungry.
  • Combine food wen get protein with di ones wen dey high in Vitamin C.
Pikin wen dey dis age suppose dey consume di following efiri day:

Typicalli, di calori intake for boys and girls wen dey dis age na:

  • Boys: 1789 Kcal/day
  • Girls: 1678 Kcal/day

Di daili diet guidelines wen dey recommended for pikin wen dey dis age na 1,200 calori, and yu fit get am from different class of food.

Dairy group

One of di nutrient group wen dey important for pikin wen dey grow na dairy. Pikin wen dey dis age need 2.5 cups of milk or yoghurt for him diet.

Yu fit add protein to yur pikin diet make he/she no know. Yu fit shred cheese for vegetables or omelette.

Sometimes, simple also dey work best. Put slice of cheese for cracker as snacks afta playtime. Try give yur pikin milk instead of water if he/she dey thirsty.

Protein group

CDC don recommend at least 19 grams of protein daili for pikin wen dey dis age group. If yur pikin sabi select food, no fear! Some source of protein dey wen shidren no fit resist.

  • Scrambled eggs (cheese is optional)
  • Low-fat Greek yoghurt
  • Pork or chicken
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • Pasta with meatballs
Fruit and vegetable group

Yur pikin fit reject vegetables, but yu go fit make am dey fun and enjoyable for am. Choose veggies wen get different colours, yu fit turn am to game for am if yu do am correct.

In summari, see wetin yur pikin need efiri day.

  • Fruits: three cups for boys and girls
  • Vegetables: two cups for boys and girls
  • Grains: four ounces for boys and girls
  • Proteins: 36g for boys and  girls
  • Milk: 17-20 ounces for boys and girls
  • Water: 1500 ml for boys and girls (around six cups)


  • Introduce fruits and vegetables give yur pikin as snacks.
  • Make salad more often for am.
  • Introduce mixture of veggies per meal.
Wen to follow doktor talk? If yur pikin:
  • Dey unda/ova weight
  • Dey always vomit wen he/she dey chop
  • Get high feva wen pass 39 degrees Celsius

Vaccinations and Common Sickness

Yur 6 years 5 month old pikin suppose don take dese vaccines by now:

  • DTaP vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis
  • IPV vaccine for polio
  • MMR vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella
  • Varicella vaccine for chickenpox
  • Flu shot wen dem dey give once a year

Check with yur doktor weda yur pikin immunization records dey complete.

Treat Common Sickness

To fit manage any of dese common sickness wen shidren dey get, yu fit try di following:

  • To treat feva: If yur pikin temperature don reach 38°C (100.4°F), make yu try some home remedi first.  Use lukewarm water take clean yur pikin body. Yu fit even wia cloth wen light for am.Make sure sey yur pikin dey eat regularli and he/she need to drink plenti water. If non of di methods bring di feva down, carri am go see doktor sharp sharp.Note: No eva use aspirin for shidren becos e fit cause liver and brain damage for dem.
  • To treat cough: For effective home remedi wen dey cure cough, try half teaspoon of dark honey- e get antioxidants wen dey boost immune system.
  • To treat cold: Allow yur pikin drink warm water or decaffeinated tea with honey. If yur pikin nose block, put cool humidifier for yur pikin room,e go help am clear him chest. Yu fit even use pillow or folded towel take raise yur pikin head, so he/she fit breathe well.

Wen yu fit follow doktor talk:

If yur pikin get:

  • Rashes, lumps, bumps or bruise wen yu no undastand.
  • Vomit or run belle constantli.
  • High feva(wen pass 39 degrees Celsius)
  • Dey always get headaches or oda body pains

Reference: WebMD

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Sources: Webmd, Kidshealth, MSF

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