Zahra Buhari-Indimi Celebrates 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Zahra Buhari-Indimi Celebrates 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Zahra Buhari Indimi and her husband, Ahmed Indimi recently celebrated their 3rd year of marriage. The cute couple shared sweet words on Instagram

Wedding anniversaries are the days we remember and celebrate falling in love and the decision we made to share our life with our significant other. Zahra Buhari-Indimi and her husband, Ahmed, are celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary.

Zahra Buhari-Indimi and her husband, Ahmed, are celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary

Zahra Buhari And Ahmed Indimi

Ahmed Indimi and Zahra Buhari at their traditional wedding. Image: Bella Naija

Finding a loving, caring, and understanding partner with whom you share the joys and troubles of life is a thing worthy of celebration. Zahra and Ahmed each took to their social media pages to celebrate and gush about each other. The couple got married on December 16, 2016, at the National Mosque in Abuja. On Instagram, Ahmed shared a picture of them and shared some wonderful words. He thanked her for the time they’ve already spent together and the time they still have to spend together.

He wrote: “To my darling wife @mrs_zmbi, thank you for the wondrous time we have spent together as well as the time we will have in Shaa Allah, you have given me a new purpose: Love. Happy anniversary my beautiful wife.”


Meanwhile, Zahra also shared an adorable photo with her husband and wrote some loving words, terming their three years together “years of growth.”


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She wrote: “It’s been 3 wonderful years of growth. Bless your beautiful heart my darling. You’ve been an absolute gift to me from Allah SWA. I give Allah gratitude for the favours he has shown us. I’m ever grateful to Allah for joining our hearts as one and for giving us the patience to get to where we are today. Cheers to the many years ahead in Sha Allah.”

Simple ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary

How to celebrate a memorable wedding anniversary

Image: Pinterest

  • Do something nice at home: When it comes to anniversaries, everyone seems to think about grand plans. Grand plans are great, but have you considered doing something quiet at home where both of you immerse yourselves in each other’s company? Take your partner down memory lane with something you both did at home the first time you moved in.
  • Love note: While dining at a romantic restaurant for your marriage anniversary, make sure there’s a bud vase with a red rose at your table. Then just when you both are held in the bubble of affection the evening brings, slip your spouse a handwritten love note.
Zahra Buhari Indimi

Image: Bella Naija

  • A day of adventure: Plan a day-long adventure with your spouse. Whether it’s hiking, visiting a gallery, bicycle ride, balloon ride, or anything you both don’t usually do always, as long as you both enjoy it.
  • Picnic: Go for a picnic somewhere relaxing and quiet. Pack a special lunch, an audio Bluetooth player, camera, and anything else of your choice. Eat, drink, talk, make memories and capture the moments.
  • Back to the beginning: It wouldn’t be a bad idea if you both went back to where your love began. If it’s too far a place, find any other place that represents the beginning of a milestone in your journey. You can even visit some places you liked to go when you were dating or engaged.

Anniversaries are about remembering how far we’ve come, while also acknowledging how far we want to go. You should do stuff that brings the memories back. It also creates new ones for you to cherish in the future.

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