Inspiring! Mother of 4 Goes Back To School After Raising Kids, Bags PhD.

Inspiring! Mother of 4 Goes Back To School After Raising Kids, Bags PhD.

A Woman has been celebrated on social media after she went back to school after raising four kids. She bagged her BSC, MSC and now a PhD.

A Nigerian mum identified as Bukola Bello is currently being celebrated on social media following the inspiring story of how she went back to school to pursue her dreams after four kids. With determination and focus, indeed nothing is impossible to achieve. Raising a family is not an easy thing to do, especially when one has to juggle raising kids and going to school.

Nigerian Mom Goes Back to School After Raising Kids, Bags Doctorate Degree

back to school after raising kids

This Nigerian mum, however, did not let this stop her. According to her daughter, Sophie Bello who shared the news, she went back to school after having four kids. She completed her B.Sc, M.Sc and most recently, her PhD.

Sophie wrote on Twitter: "When I see my mom, I know that dreams are valid! Went back to school after 4 kids. She started her B.S.C while I was also in the Uni too. She enrolled for her masters & got her M.S.C. I am proud to announce she just got her P.H.D! Dr. Bukola Bello! Put some respect on that name!"

Another Ghanaian Mum Also Bags PhD

In a similar story, following a six-year period of hard work and resilience; Felicitas Adu-Acheampong has graduated with a PhD in Economics from the Wayne State University, USA. The former student of Yaa Asantewaa Girls Secondary School and alumna of University of Cape Coast, noted via social media that: ‘‘It took me six years to accomplish this.’’ With her recent admirable feat, Dr Felicitas Adu-Acheampong, is set to take up new challenges while impacting lives with the skills and knowledge acquired.

Going Back To School After Raising Kids

back to school after raising kids

Balancing motherhood, student life, and a career is possible—and easier—with proper time management and effective study habits. If you’re going back to school, these new changes can be exciting and invigorating for both you and your family. With the support of your family, advisors, professors and peers you’ll be motivated to excel in your studies.

Learning to Balance Student & Parent Responsibilities

back to school after raising kids

 How to Stay Motivated

  • Build and maintain a relationship with your student advisor to stay encouraged and motivated as you progress through your degree program.
  • Make smaller, easy-to-achieve goals to see the progress you are making day-by-day.
  • Work with your professors: Seek them out during office hours to discuss your progress, and if there are areas of study that you can improve on. Also, online courses and their professors usually offer scheduled virtual office hours, making it relatively straightforward for online students to have a one-on-one conversation with their professors.
  • Get together with your peers for a study session. Remember, with social media, group chats and video chat software, you can communicate with your classmates remotely and efficiently.
  • Turn to friends and family for encouragement and reward yourself for small victories, like a completed project or paper.

 Tips to Develop Successful Study Habits

  • Study with a classmate, coworker, or even a friend who is also going back to school.
  • Designate a certain spot within your home as your “school” or a place where you can focus and study in peace. If your home is often busy, then consider visiting your local library or coffee shop for some peaceful study sessions.
  • Consider early mornings as a refreshing time to dig into your coursework.
  • Adapt your study methods to your learning style. If you’re a visual learner, create charts, PowerPoint presentations or flashcards. If you’re someone who enjoys taking notes, then make sure to take consistent notes during class lectures or even during your group study sessions.
  • Block off time. While you might set aside a certain amount of time each day to attend your classes, you should also block off some time each day for your reading assignments and other coursework. By working on your assignments a little bit each day, you can avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Transform Your Time Management Abilities

  • Plan meals with your children. Turn it into a fun activity by creating a menu together.
  • Use digital calendars to keep track of your deadlines, and spreadsheets, mobile apps, or even cloud storage systems like Google Drive to efficiently organize your notes, assignments, and other important school-related documents.
  • Study while the kids sleep. The house is quiet and free of distractions, allowing you to focus and plan the days ahead.
  • Give the kids activities. Create fun assignments for them and tell them that they’ll be helping you with your homework by drawing pictures.
  • Find ways to multi-task. Coursework has entered the digital age, and you can get creative about how you think about incorporating studying into your day. In a waiting room? On your lunch break? Commuting by bus? Utilize that time to do things like contribute to a discussion group from your phone, catch up on readings, check-in with your professors or watch assigned videos.

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