Hilarious Tweets On Breastfeeding Mishaps: "I'm Not Breastfeeding Your Teddy Bear"

Hilarious Tweets On Breastfeeding Mishaps: "I'm Not Breastfeeding Your Teddy Bear"

Moms have hilarious stories on breastfeeding

There's a giant pressure on mums to breastfeed their babies. The message is on billboards, magazines, radio, and social media. It is pretty much everywhere. People look at you with approval when you say you're breastfeeding exclusively. Unless you're living under a rock, you must have seen or heard “Breast is best” mantra once or twice. 

Consequently, what that pressure does is to transform itself into a pang of nagging guilt in mums who, for one reason or the other, can’t breastfeed their babies entirely or for as long as they want to. It is fine if you can't breastfeed your baby. Keeping up with breastfeeding is hard. 

In an interview with Health, Joan Younger Meek, MD, chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Breastfeeding, says it okay if your health won't let you breastfeed. There are other options and whichever is fine. 

“Safety is first,” Meek says. “And baby being fed is important, whether that ends up being breastfeeding, breastfeeding plus some expressed milk or breastfeeding plus some formula, or [formula] only.”

Regardless, some breastfeeding moms have found a way to make light breastfeeding by tweeting about some hilarious moments. 

Most Hilarious Tweets On Breastfeeding Mishaps

most hilarious breastfeeding tweets

Below are some hilarious and relatable tweets for every breastfeeding mum.

  • Amy Amerson


Squirting yourself in the face with your own breast milk while trying to see if your boob is empty... #mommyproblems  #breastfeedingproblems

  • Ashley Leggat✔


I'm pretty sure I just waterboarded my daughter. #Breastfeedingproblems

  • Unfiltered Mama


Still can't believe nobody's ever made a horror movie about breastfeeding a teething baby

  • Walking Outside In Slippers


Nursing is healthy for my baby, and I reap the benefits as well.

Like having my boobs bit and my eyes poked

Hilarious Tweets On Breastfeeding Mishaps:

  • Dara stole the Yale plates


My 9 mo-old daughter slaps me in the face while I'm breastfeeding her. Ingrate.

  • Walking Outside In Slippers


It's a good thing nursing mothers have two nipples so the baby can nurse one boob while titty twisting the other

  • Maybe I'll Shower Today


I think my son woke up on the wrong side of the boob. #motherhood #breastfeeding

  • Mom Secret Attack


Baby is playing the "how far away can I get from mommy and still eat" game. There are no winners. #breastfeeding


  • Court


When you're a nursing mom, every bath you take is a milk bath

  • Melanie Dale


Hilarious Tweets On Breastfeeding Mishaps:

Evie: My bear is hungry.

Me: Ok, let's get bear some food.

Evie: She needs your milk.

Me: I'm not breastfeeding your teddy bear



Though these women make light of the situation, it doesn't mean that the bites, scratches, and slaps weren't painful at the time. Neither does it mean that feeding a baby multiple times every day didn't take its toll. It's hard but most mums would tell you that it is a rewarding experience. And for mums who couldn't breastfeed for health or any other reasons, it takes nothing away from you. You are great mums.

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