Photos : Matching Outfits To Guarantee Your Slay At Weddings

Photos : Matching Outfits To Guarantee Your Slay At Weddings

Slaying at a wedding is top priority, whether you’re getting married or going to the wedding as an invited guest. There is  just no question about it. The general idea is always to look great at the wedding. This includes planning pre-wedding shoots, purchasing bridal outfits and getting wedding guest outfits. Not just for you, but for you both. A great way to do this is to turn up in matching outfits, for him and for her.

matching outfits

Couple in their matching traditional wedding outfits

matching outfits

Couple in matching outfits for pre-wedding shoot

Why Matching Outfits?

Clothes that match don’t only let people know that you’re an item. They also portray you both as having a strong and united bond. Coordinating your outfits helps portray how strong the bond in a particular relationship is. It shows how you understand each other better because one of you had to come up with the idea and the other agreed. For some, it is one criteria used to judge the kind of bond between a couple.

matching outfits

Tu Baba and wife Annie in matching agbadas

Matching Outfits Show Unity

Your coordinated outfits are also a symbol of the unity you both share. For years, uniforms have been used as a sign of identification and togetherness in most institutions and forces. The uniformity brought about by putting on clothes that match, can help symbolize unity in a particular union. People can tell how strong your union is because of how you have dressed.

Photos : Matching Outfits To Guarantee Your Slay At Weddings

Couple in matching kente outfits

You Stand Out In Coordinated Clothes

Many couples want to stand out especially at special events, and that is why they will put on matching clothes. This works because many in attendance will know that they are an item because of their coordinated clothes. Want to get second looks? Want heads turning all the way round to stare at you both? Wear outfits that match for a distinguished look at your next wedding.

Photos : Matching Outfits To Guarantee Your Slay At Weddings

Couple in matching ankara outfits

Matching clothes are a great way to serve major couple goals. Your collective “slayage” meter is so high we’re craning our necks. Everyone can see the great bond you share, and the unity that binds you together. Heads are turning everywhere you go and other couples want to be like you when they grow up. What could be sweeter?

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