9 Relationship Tips From Nollywood's Veteran Couple Olu Jacobs And Joke Silva

9 Relationship Tips From Nollywood's Veteran Couple Olu Jacobs And Joke Silva

Beloved Nollywood veterans Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva have been married for 34 years now. Here are relationship tips they have shared over the years

It takes courage to hand over your heart to someone, and it takes commitment to share love and space with such a person for years. We bring you relationship tips from Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva. 

9 relationship tips from Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva 

They are one of Nollywood's oldest couples and they've been married for over 30 years. They will also tell you that it hasn't been a walk in the park. So how do they make it work? Here are some relation tips from Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva.

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  1. Selflessness

Joke Silva advises that to keep your relationship going you have to learn and want what's best for each other. If you're thinking about what's best for your partner and your partner is also thinking about what's best for you, then you will both end up being happy.

  1. Invest your time

Marriage is an investment that takes a lot of time to yield, according to the couple. You both have to invest your time, energy, money and yourself.

  1. Give space for difference

Olu Jacobs observes that you have to be careful, because what suits you might not suit the other person. In spite of being married, spouses are still two different people molded by circumstances and with different backgrounds. Respect that their opinions may not always be in line with yours.

  1. Learn to forgive

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If you don’t learn to forgive each other honestly it’s not going to work because neither of you is perfect. Also, you should learn to be honest with each other.

  1. Build together

The couple are a perfect picture of people who have have come a long way building together. Joke Silva put that into words, advising young couples to develop a healthy attitude towards money. “You build your empire together,” she maintains. 

  1. Resist societal pressure 

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The pressure on women from society is enormous but Joke Silva insists that if a woman has that sense of affirmation her life is just as fulfilled.

  1. She's your lover not your slave

In an interview with The Sun, Olu Jacob was asked the secret of his marriage. He said: “It is the grace of God. And you must learn to be patient and above all, learn to be friends. She is your friend, your lover; she is not your slave. You don’t do that to a woman. You don’t intimidate her. If she is your friend, you will be tender. When a friend is involved you are tender.”

  1. Show patience and be honest 

Something that always works is patience. Plus, as much as possible, try to be honest with each other, an honesty that isn't cruel. You have to understand that there is cruel and wicked honesty, and loving honesty as well. It doesn’t mean you wouldn’t get angry, but you don’t have to cross the line of getting violent. Violence is not only physical; it can also be emotional. However, at the end of the day, the most important factor is God.

  1. The end shouldn't end your life

Some situations may lead to the end of a marriage, but the end of a marriage should not mean the end of your life.  “There is life after a divorce,” Joke Silva concludes. 

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