Choosing The Right Maternity Hospital For You

Choosing The Right Maternity Hospital For You

You want to be in surroundings where you feel more relaxed and better able to cope with labour. This and more factors will help you decide on the right place to birth your child.

Wouldn't it be nice to have your baby in one of the best maternity hospitals in Lagos? What’s the labour and delivery experience of your dreams? A place where your doula is welcome and the nurses are kind and friendly? A place for your spouse to spend the night with you and your newborn?

Choosing The Right Maternity Hospital For You

Whatever you’re hoping for, don’t leave it up to chance. So if you “choose” your hospital by default—aka going to whichever one your ob-gynae works with—then all you can do is hope for the best. A better bet? Shop around for your hospital as carefully as you shop for your gynae. Here’s how.

The Best Maternity Hospitals In Lagos: Why Shop For A Maternity Hospital?

Shopping for a maternity hospital is not just about getting reduced medical fees. Did you know that the hospital you choose has an effect on whether you give birth vaginally or not? The reasons below will further convince you:

  1. Delivery fees differ from hospital to hospital, even within the same state. You want something pocket-friendly that's top-notch as well.
  2. Some hospitals are well-versed in performing Caesarean sections and so they don't spend so much time on vaginal births. You need to know which one best serves your interests.
  3. Your surroundings greatly affect your birthing experience. You want nurses that are kind and encouraging, not the ones that scold and chide you constantly.
  4. Your doctor matters. Depending on your OB and her on-call schedule, she may not even be the one to deliver your baby. It could be another doctor from the practice or it could even be an ob-gyn who works at the hospital the night you go into labour—someone you’ve never met before.

Tips For Choosing Where To Give Birth

  • Consider the travel distance from your home. In general, the distance between your home and the hospital has no overall effect on birth outcomes. But you don’t want your hospital to be so far that you’re stuck in traffic when baby is on the way.
  •  Insurance coverage. Look for hospitals with doctors who take your insurance, since what gets covered in and out of network can vary greatly.
  • Facilities for high-risk pregnancies. If you’ve had a difficult pregnancy or any preexisting health condition, find a hospital that will accommodate you in the worst-case scenario. For instance, does it have a blood bank, an ICU?
  • What is its c-section rate for low-risk pregnancies? Your biggest risk factor when it comes to whether you’ll have a c-section is the hospital you go to. Hospitals that focus on certain goals (whether financial or neonatal outcomes) may not always prioritize vaginal births.
  • What are the hospital rules? Some mandate that women be hooked up to a fetal heart monitor throughout the entire labour process, while others allow for intermittent monitoring. If it’s important for your family to be there, ask who is allowed. Since the birthing process can be like an athletic endeavor, it’s good to have cheerleaders and coaches.

Now that we've established just how to choose your birthing place, let's show you the best maternity hospitals in Lagos.

List Of The Best Maternity Hospitals In Lagos

Lagos Island Maternity Hospital

Choosing The Right Maternity Hospital For You

It’s arguably one of the oldest hospitals in Nigeria. The location of the hospital is very safe. It’s estimated that this hospital has over 200 beds and 30 cots. It’s considered one of the best facilities for bringing your child as it has recovery rooms, labour rooms, emergency theatre facilities, intensive care units, and theaters.

Lagoon Hospital

Choosing The Right Maternity Hospital For You

Right now, it’s the flagship hospital in Nigeria with one of the best maternity care units. The hospital is a pioneer in advance medical care, and it’s also a part of the large group provided for the highest standards of service and professionalism. This hospital is equipped to perform various types of services.

Reddington Hospital

best maternity hospitals in Lagos

It’s one of the newest hospitals in Nigeria. The association of the renewed Cromwell Hospital situated in London, set up this one in Lagos. Nevertheless, prenatal care here is quite costly. At the same time, they provide you with one of the best healthcare services. You can also pay extra to have a separate ward from the general maternity ward. The services provided in this clinic are state-of-the-art, but they come at a high price. Nevertheless, the clinic meets the standards not only the Nigerian hospitals but also European standards.

Saint Nicholas Hospital

Choosing The Right Maternity Hospital For You

This hospital is one of the top maternity hospitals in Lagos. The hospital staff has experience with various types of deliveries, from straightforward to more complicated cases. The clinic also gives you the option of personalized antenatal care, that focuses directly on the patient. Therefore, the service can be quite unique for every patient. The hospital provides the highest standards for the care of women, their children and families. The care is individualized for special needs. It also offers health education classes that can be useful for both partners. The clinic also provides follow up visits to ensure the care and safety of mothers and their children.

Britannia Hospital

It’s a prestigious hospital that's located in Lekki. This private hospital works in line with the standards of British hospitals. So, you will feel like you have visited one of the biggest Great Britain hospitals. It’s a private clinic, and the cost of the services here is not cheap. Nevertheless, it provides one of the best services for future mothers. The clinic provides constant healthcare surveillance for mother and child.

Lagos Island General Hospital

Choosing The Right Maternity Hospital For You

This is quite possibly the oldest hospital in Nigeria. It started out as a military hospital and later received staffing by other nationals of the Commonwealth. The Federal Government, however, took control of the hospital on October 1, 1960. The Nigerian Medical Association began at this hospital. In addition to the State Government's revamping efforts, a lot of prominent Nigerians were born at the hospital. It is one of the best places to have your baby in Lagos. This hospital might just be the only public hospital to have kind nurses.

First Consultant Hospital

best maternity hospitals in Lagos

You will remember them as the private hospital that helped Nigeria stem the spread of the Ebola virus. This hospital also specializes in obstetrics and gynaecology. You’ll find them situated on St. Gregory Street in Obalende. Mothers have found their operations professional over the years. This has earned them high praise.



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